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Traveling with Young Children? 14 Secrets for A Blissful Flight

Traveling with Young Children? 14 Secrets for A Blissful Flight

It’s not easy to entertain children on a long flight. Here’s how to make it work without the angst. Because my husband’s whole family lives in Israel, we’ve amassed quite a few frequent flier miles...

Hope Lake Lodge: The Kids Are Entertained. The Adults Are Relaxed. Does Such a...

Every year, I look forward to our summer road trip to Hope Lake Lodge Out of all the vacations I’ve enjoyed with my family, there’s one spot that has given me the best memories. It...
food on vacation

Vacation in a Kitchen-Less Hotel. Now What?

One week. 2 adults. 5 kids. 21 meals. No kitchen. Seriously? Yes. seriously. And it’s doable too, all you need is a bit of planning and a sink. Also a sandwich maker. Maybe an electric...

The Essential Pooltime Packing List

Make sure everything you need is in that bag! What’s better than having a pool in your backyard? Having a pool in your sister’s backyard! But that requires packing up for every pool trip (about...
pennsylvania road trip

What to Do on Your Pennsylvania Road Trip

Crayola Factory Easton, Pennsylvania may or may not be on your way home (it’s on the Northern side of the Pennsylvania-NJ border), and there’s not much else to do in the area, but you can...
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