DIY Custom Wallpaper…without the paper, or the cost.

Don’t you just love when everyone bombards you at once with “Mommy… I’m booooored”(yes…that lovely drill…) The idea must have been lurking somewhere in the back of my mind, because before they can say another word I’m like “You know what? How would you like to paint the playroom wall?”…”HOORAY”…and off to Home Depot we went.

Six ruined outfits, a paint tornado and two weeks later,  I am so IN LOVE with how our our playroom wall came out that I get excited literally every time I see it!

how to paint a triangle wallSo great right?!!  Here is the best part.  The entire project cost $80.00 (compared to the $700 inspiration wallpaper I was eyeing) and kept us (yes, everyone helped!) busy for a summers worth of two weeks!  If you have that DIY in you, want to add some color and fun to a room, and are in the mood of living in a paint wreck zone for a week or so this project is PERFECT!

Here is what you need:

What you will need to paint a triangle wall DIY

level ; small paintbrush; eraser; pencil; frog tape; canvas drop; roller kit; paint

The hardest part comes first. The prep. Start by drawing your horizontal lines.  Don’t forget to use a level.  My lines are 12” apart.  When you are doing a project like this start at the ceiling and work your way down, that way you will end up with a full design at the top and the broken design at the bottom.

Now to create the triangles decide on a width for the base, I wanted mine wider than taller so I decided on a 12” base.   Find where your starting end is (against a wall or door frame) and alternate marking the full width of your base and 1/2 the width of your base on your horizontal lines.

The taping and painting process is kind of tedious but the end result is worth it. I created a little animation for those daring enough to give this a try.

instructions on how to diy triangle wall paint

DIY Paint Wall Decor for PlayroomSo what do you think? Is this project something you can handle?

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As the founder of MyDesign, Shaindy is the genius behind some of the most successful marketed brands in the Jewish world today. As a multitalented graphic designer, web developer, and photographer, Shaindy, along with her children, also enjoys delving into creative DIY projects.


  1. This is amazing!! I’m so proud of my talented daughter!!! I even like the animated sample she made! she never ceases to amaze me!! Love you,

  2. It looks gorgeous… Did you prime your walls before?
    How many coats of paint did you use?
    How long did you wait before removing the tape?


    • Hi Malka,
      • The walls were in good shape and painted with a light color paint so I didn’t need to prime it.
      • I did one coat of paint for each triangle, however one or two colors were thinner than the rest and needed a second coat. (I was only able to tell once it dried.)
      • We waited overnight before removing the tape.

      Hope this helps!


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