And now’s the perfect time to choose yours! BCP Fans exclusively get 10% off their purchase of any Shaatra Club Planner (get one for yourself and a Student Boss for your teen). Simply insert the promo code BCP10 at checkout. EXPIRED 

#mydayplanner is a detailed, everyday and stylish tool for you, the Jewish woman, which helps plan, organize, and keep track of everything in your busy life.

With the #mydayplanner, you can unplug and not have to worry about kids cracking its screen. And the best part? It never runs out of batteries.

Which one is for you?

The My Day Daily Edition includes a complete page for everyday; it’s great if you need to schedule your entire day, with a time slot for each task, plus space for general notes on each day.

The Shaatra 52 lets you see your week at a glance, with plenty of room for planning ahead and planning your weekends too. It’s lighter and easier to carry around if you don’t need as much daily writing space.

The Student Boss is designed for students, with full week views, and plenty of space to keep all their tasks organized but also accessible at one glance.

All versions include month-at-a-glance pages too.


Here’s to a come-back for the pen-and-paper days.



Use promo code BCP10 at checkout!



  1. Just got my shipment! Shaatra52 and Student Boss. They look absolutely amazing!!! Can’t wait to start using them. My daughter will be thrilled when she gets back from Camp. Oh & the packaging is fabulous to boot!!


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