Disclaimer: You might want to hop on a plane after reading this post.

You only know a county well after you visit the local grocery.

While Kosher American supermarkets have been importing foods that once we could only find in Israel (hello Pesek Zman, Krembo, Bissli, and Tnuva quark cheese), I’m always finding new things that we Americans can still put on our wish list.

11 Israeli Food Products I Wish They Sold in America. Biscoff11 Israeli Food Products I Wish They Sold in America. BiscoffOnce upon a time, I had family members drag down a dozen jars of Biscoff to the US.  Now (like literally only a month ago) NY/NJ supermarkets started carrying kosher Biscoff. It’s delicious on its own enjoyed simply with a spoon, or replace it in any recipe that called for peanut butter, or chocolate spread.

grocery1The land of Milk and Honey also brings you the best techina and halva. Above is a squeeze bottle of tahini (the thick paste) before it’s made into techina. In Hebrew it’s called Techina Golmeet. It’s a squeeze bottle with rich techinah flavor that’s great over salads or quinoa. I think of it as the adult version of ketchup.

11 Israeli Food Products I Wish They Sold in America. Biscoff

Move over peanut butter, Israel also has halva spread…sigh.

grocery3We may have mini chummus that work great for a quick snack, but Israeli Supermarkets carry 3 kilo tubs of chummus for a crowd. That 6.6 pounds of chummus. Let that sink in.

grocery4Baraka Tahini. I have seen this in the U.S., and while I don’t want to get into a tahini war, my sources say it’s the best tahini there is.

11 Israeli Food Products I Wish They Sold in America. BiscoffAmericans ruined the concept of a good healthy breakfast by introducing cereal and milk as a meal. Israelis are catching up, taking things to a whole new level.


Above is strawberry yogurt with chocolate cereal,

11 Israeli Food Products I Wish They Sold in America. Biscoff YOLO (you only live once) which is a rich, rich dark or white chocolate yogurt that tastes more like dessert (perfect for Shavuos BTW),

11 Israeli Food Products I Wish They Sold in America. Biscoffand everyone’s favorite Shuko (chocolate milk) in a bag. Seasoned travelers know that they must freeze Shukos and bring over frozen chocolate milk to the U.S. Then you defrost and imagine you are still in Jerusalem.

11 Israeli Food Products I Wish They Sold in America.How about these pasta sauces for the lazy cook? What could be better than Mushroom Alfredo, 4 Cheese, or Tomato Cream (like Penne Al Vodka) sauce in the fridge section of your supermarket? Boil up a pot of pasta and pour over the sauce for a gourmet dinner.

grocery10We can’t forget snacks. Yes there are Doritos in America. No, they aren’t kosher. The land that gives us Kosher Pizza Hut and McDonald’s also gives us kosher Doritos.

grocery11Some say the green bag is the best flavor. Honestly, you should buy all the flavors and decide for yourself.


11 Israeli Food Products I Wish They Sold in America. Biscoff

Last but not least: the chocolates. Almost every Israeli chocolate is imported to the U.S. Those popcorn-covered chocolates are not. Why? Hopefully by the time everyone is done reading this, groceries will stock them.

11 Israeli Food Products I Wish They Sold in America. BiscoffAnd Elite has a tea biscuit covered with chocolate called Ad Chatzos (Until Noon/Midnight). I’m not sure why it’s so great, but if it was up my children, they would have left all their clothing in Israel and filled it up with a suitcase of these.

Did I miss anything? (I know you are thinking of Krembos, but I’ve seen them at every American Kosher grocery.)



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Leah Schapira
Leah is the best-selling author of Fresh & Easy Kosher Cooking and the co-author of the Made Easy and Secret Restaurant Recipes cookbook series. She’s constantly reading and gets excited about learning and discovering, in between taking care of her large family. Follow her on instagram @cookkosher.


  1. If you would write a post on the food products we Americans living here wish they sold in Israel, you would crash this website because of space limitations. Count your blessings!!

  2. Love this article!
    Having just moved away from Israel, this brought me close to tears.. Summed up the whole place in one article and eleven foods!
    I have to say that I agree with your daughters about the chocolate biscuits – they are my favourite too!
    Thanks for a wonderful article and this fabulous new website.

  3. I wish I knew more about what techina tasted like. Judging from the bottle, it has eggplant in it. Or maybe it’s suggesting to put it on eggplant. Either way, if it is the adult version of ketchup, I want to try it.


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