I bet you didn’t think you could find such cool stuff from this low-cost retailer

A Circle Skirt

what to buy at hm that’s so classic and chic

A Rib Knit Cardigan

is an incredibly useful accessory you should definitely keep on-hand.

A Ginormous Shopper Bag

hmfor when you have a lot of stuff and nowhere to put it.

Rectangular Glass Vases (mix and match with these)

what to buy in h and mbecause you need a change from the ones that are on your table now.

A Pair of Loafers

to add a bit of dash to your look. 

A Cozy Velour Sweatshirt

for those mornings when comfort is your main priority while choosing an outfit – it comes in burgundy as well.

 A Fun Wristwatch

just because.

This Maternity Jaquard Knit Sweater or perhaps This One

(H&M has a maternity line too! Feel like there’s nothing to wear?) These will be just the cozy thing you need.

9 Pairs of Earrings

to keep in the “extra drawer” (perfect if you have teens that like exploring and “borrowing” your stuff).

A Pair of Suede Mittens

for beating the cold on blustery days.

A Rib Knit Sweater

that will become your favorite. Sorry skinny people, this only comes in plus sizes.

Some Velvet Cushions

velvet cushionsto add some flare to your living space. (These are just covers. The actual pillows are sold here – they are duck filled and great quality.) 

A Carafe & Beverage Glass

the perfect touch for the table when you’re entertaining.

A New Apron

because great things will be served!

A Ribbed Headband

to keep your earbuds snug as it grows cold.


A Padded Jacket

for when it’s really cold out.

A Check Weave Bath Towel

Let’s be honest. It’s always a good time to replace your old towels.

Do you want our favorite h&m list for men? or kids? Lets us know in comments.



  1. Thanks! Would love to see kids picks too! Just check with them that they have stock before you post- it’s gonna sell out!! 😝

  2. Thanks for this post! A lot of the items are sold out by now, but I just made a big order with similar items that I can use! Shopping trip solved!


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