Complicated lives need custom solutions

Well, here I go, trying to use spreadsheets to organize my life again.

This is probably my favorite use ever.

For normal people, The Shaatra Club’s planner is likely the most functional and best designed one ever.

For my complicated life, I needed a more custom solution: a self-designed planner.


I like being able to see all of my to-do’s for the week at a glance, divided up by project. Then, I’ll slot them into a specific day.

How to Make Your Own Planner. Complicated lives need custom solutions

Because these “weeks-at-a-glance” don’t have specific dates, if a week gets messy and I want to start my list all over, I can simply rip it out and start fresh.

I keep appointments and things I schedule ahead in my phone. This way, when I’m making my schedule for the week, I can just look those up and slot them in before I schedule tasks for each day.

How to Make Your Own Planner. Complicated lives need custom solutions

To create yours, download you customize the spreadsheet below, convert it to a PDF, print it at a local print shop (I sent mine to Fedex Office online) and have them cut it vertically in the center.

Once the sheets are printing, position them so the two sheets for each week are facing each other.  You’ll likely need to do this on your own while standing at the print shop counter. It will only take 5 minutes.

Once your printouts are positioned correctly, have the print shop bind them with a spiral (make sure they bind the correct side! Notice how mine were bound incorrectly?!?), adding a plastic sheet in the front and back for protection (you can also add cardstock underneath if you want to get fancy).

Enjoy your new custom solution!

Download this planner template and insert your own project names!




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