And none of them require a trip to the post office. Send the best camp package with no effort at all.

Camp Packages from The Nuttery

Ok. These are too adorb. Which one will bring the biggest smile to your child’s face? The Daily Dose of candy?

The Nuttery Camp Packages for your kids in camp. Send the perfect camp packs to the little ones!Or a blue-themed candy package with a blue fan?

Or the comfy neck pillow packaged with lots of treats?

Can’t choose. There’s even more online. These made-special-for-camp packages take out all the work and add in all the fun of sending your child the best surprise. Free Shipping on all camp packages. 

Click Here to Shop The Nuttery Camp Packagaes

Custom Cookies from Pic-a-Cookie

Never mind the kids. We want to open up a box with these personalized emoji cookies to enjoy. Include any name and/or message and Pick-A-Cookie will create and ship the treats to your child’s camp. The emojis are also available on peanut chews, chocolate-covered Oreos, and cake pops.

To order, call/text 732.301.4525 or email @pickacookie

Chocolate Decor

Does your child love popsicles? Or pizza? Well, you can’t send those UPS but you can send a pizza or popsicle-themed candy package.

What about activities like swimming or going on picnics?

Chocolate Decor has just the thing to make her smile.  And of course, shipping is free. Email or call 845.782.3067 to order. You can click here to see all the camp packages. 

Send Direct from Amazon

Send Direct from Amazon

You know your child better than anyone else, and if it’s not candy he or she wants, it might be something else that shows them you’re thinking of them (see this post). Need some help brainstorming?

How about a fun game to play? Or….ooh,

these slap bracelet sunglasses are cute.

Maybe a cap she’ll totally love. He’s complaining he’s hot. Solution? These misting fans will show you care.


  1. This is ridiculous and over the top. I understand this post is sponsored and that is why it’s here, but seriously? People are working all year to send kids to camp and then their child is a neb because they don’t get such an over the top package?! Just for the record, my kids are young and attend local day camps. I shudder to think of what the camp scene will be then. I am sure I am not the only one. Mashiach will be here way before then…!

  2. Some of the camp packs are less than $20 so I wouldn’t call that over the top. These are just ideas and you can simply get them their favorite Nosh or bake them something they enjoy and mail it to them too! If that’s too over the top then sending them a warm letter will do it too! The child who doesn’t get a packages is not a neb as long as she gets love and caring from afar ! All my kids went to camp , didn’t feel like nebs, got homemade care packages and had no issue . Hopefully Mashisach will be here soon.

  3. There is nothing wrong with a care package and that’s not what I was addressing. When my children do go to camp I would definitely send them
    Packages with homemade goodies and letters as my mother did for me.
    That’s not what I was referring to at all.

  4. Ugh . Enough with the junk food !my kids in camp know I love them and they also know they will not get junk food from me (bec I love them !) as a care package . Cards , emails and letters ! And guess what ? Those get brought back from camp and saved:)

  5. Thanks for the ideas. I love getting ideas from these posts and making it work for me. The personalized cookies are such a great idea. It’s not that much junk (for those of us who are health minded) and still something special. I also love the amazon idea. It can be any ‘chatchka’, nothing over the top and will make our kids feel special! My girls are going to camp for second half so I’m making myself some mental notes.

  6. Amazon idea is such a great idea! you can send them a jar of taffies, or a game! If you have prime you can ship something as cheap as $5-8 to make their day!
    Very smart:)


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