Q and A with D.B., an APS alumnus from 2015           


Q: Is a Masters in Accounting a good choice for women?

Accounting offers flexible hours with varying options within the field.  Accountants are needed in companies everywhere so it is easy to find a job near home. Additionally, accounting firms allow their employees to work from home several days a week. It is not a very strenuous job so one can be relaxed when she comes home from work.  Having a Master’s degree has given me an edge over the other job seekers.

Q: For whom would you recommend the field of accounting?

I strongly recommend accounting for someone who is looking to help support her family as the salary is very good and there is a lot of growth opportunity. As long as you are motivated and are not afraid of working with numbers, accounting can work for you. There are many opportunities within the accounting field to choose from so even if one branch of accounting does not sound appealing to you, there are other options to choose from.

 Q: Please tell us about the APS MS Accounting Course.

APS offers a Masters of Accounting course catered to the needs of frum women in Lakewood and Montvale (which is near Monsey and Brooklyn). The program is accredited through Fairleigh Dickinson University and the students are very well prepared for the CPA exams.  The schedule coordinates with Yomim Tovim and the teachers are very supportive and caring. The dedicated accounting recruiters assist with job placement and interview preparations.

Q: Tell us about your current position. How did the APS accounting course prepare you?

The APS MS Accounting course gave me the tools to interview well which earned me offers in more than one top firm. The fundamental concepts that I learned in the accounting course help me understand what I am doing at work. The firm is very impressed with how prepared and confident the APS graduates are.

 Q: Tell us about the current job market. How did APS help you find employment?

There is a high demand for qualified accountants; having received my Masters through FDU opened the door for better job opportunities. There are many firms of all sizes looking to hire entry level accountants for positions with growth opportunity. APS has a fantastic program that helps all their students try to find jobs/internships following the course and beyond. They have contacts in all types of firms.

APS directed me to multiple job opportunities which brought me to my current position in a top firm. They gave me multiple contacts to consult with before my interviews and before entering the workforce.

The APS, a division of Agudath Yisroel, M.S. in Accounting Open House will take place on Sunday, June 18, 10:30 AM at PCS, 1771 Madison. Click here for more information or contact: Tova at (732) 367-1500 or aps.courses@gmail.com. 

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  1. I am an accountant and worked in the field for a few years. I found it difficult to be a wife and mother with the long hours and overtime work expected for employees in the mid-size and large companies (at least for the first few years). I personally believe that the profession isn’t suited for all jewish women. In NY, in order to qualify for the CPA 2 years of experience is needed in a public firm. These firms expect employees to invest many long nights during busy season, work on weekends and basically to put family aside for a significant period.
    This is only my own personal experience! I know of other accountants that this wasn’t as difficult for, employers who expected less and their personal situation being more accommodating to starting out in the field. I feel that it’s important to note both positions for someone looking into becoming an accountant.

  2. I agree with DH above. I am also a CPA and I would not recommend it as a great lifestyle for a frum mother. In order to make enough money in the field to support a family you have to be willing to put in a lot of overtime. I did eventually go part-time/flex-time in public, but as you advance it’s harder to juggle bc you need to supervise and manage people below you who are working full time (over time) and deadlines are deadlines. BH now I am in private but I have given up in terms of salary and potential advancement in order to have better work-life balance – but I still work 9-5!


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