Event planner Shifra Steele plans an enchanting day for twin three-year-olds.


It’s his big day…but what if he’s a twin? Then sister gets to join in the fun and be the star too. Here’s some details we love from this charming and whimsical party.


Circus Themed Upsherin Party. These cupcakes are displayed on a feris wheel

Every wagon in this room is a different “station.”

Circus Themed Upsherin Party. These cupcakes are displayed on a feris wheelA dessert cart includes the birthday cake (complete with the carousel topper), donut towers, cupcakes, “Admit One” cookie tickets, and twirly pops. There’s more sweets in the apothecary jars.

Did you see that Ferris Wheel near the window? Yes, it’s holding cupcakes. Also on this cart are cotton candy pekelach in pastel colors.

And another cart is a popcorn station, of course. This is a carnival after all!


There’s real food too in the kitchen. Posh was there to serve the coolest pizza (if you want to know how Posh transported their pizzas to this event, they parbaked the crusts in the shop, then topped and baked them at the home).

how to style an upsherin party for a three year old boy.

And sushi.

Crepe Station at the Circus themed birthday party. Upsherin party.But I think we better go back to the sweet room, where Sprinkles is there, pressing freshly squeezed juice and making fresh crepes (top ‘em how you like!)



Custom “lego” style tables. Have you seen that before? You can customize the bricks in the colors you like.

These are marked “His Corner” and “Her Corner” so each guest of honor has a place to host their VIPS.

Circus themed birthday party. Upsherin party.

Isn’t it fun to be 3?


  1. I agree, it’s beautiful, but extremely over the top. I feel you should decide what this app/ blog is for. Are you geared to the mainstream or to the very wealthy. Most of your articles seem to be about the typical mom, but this does not seem to fit

  2. As in reply to Tori, I do agree to her point . yet on the other hand, although I can’t afford something like this affair or it isn’t my classy style of simchas I do enjoy seeing creative , fun and over the top events!

  3. Really an all out event. I firmly believe everyone should do what they can afford when it comes to simchas and anything else personal. The problem might just be the peer pressure of the people that see such extravagance.

  4. Beautiful party. Definitely not within my budget or even close, yet there are a few ideas I might replicate… Thank you for the great inspiration! Your posts are awesome ??


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