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Your kids have every set of MagnaTiles, Playmobil, and K’NEX. But do they have The Shpielmans?

The Shpielmans is the latest toy to hit the market and it’s the toy every kid wants for Chanukah.

Meet the Shpielmans, a family of special figures and accessories made of superior quality and design. The Shpielmans are Playmobil compatible and will provide your kids with hours of endless fun, imaginative play, and interactive skill-building. This makes them perfect for playtime at school and at home!

The Shpielmans creators realized Jewish children were missing one very important kind of toy—Jewish toys! So they set out to create a groundbreaking collection of high quality Jewish toys. Each piece is hand painted and the figures are so realistic you can almost feel their individuality. Now we can teach our children Jewish lessons, real-life stories, and all about Shabbos with a real Jewish family.

The Shpielmans Family Pack comes with 11 family members–adults, children and adorable baby twins. The adults are Zaidy, Babby, Tatty, Mommy,  the children are Duvid, Ruchel, Moishy, Shmulik, Rivky and the twin babies are Fayga and Motty.


Plus! Included in the Shpielmans Family Pack collection is 15 real-life Shabbos accessories!

The Jewish-themed accessories are interactive and a great way to experience Jewish customs and traditions, as well as educate others around us to the beauty of our heritage. The Shpielmans collection is always growing so there are always new accessories to add to your collection!


Start your collection today—the Family Pack is available at a great introductory price of only $39.99!


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The special offer applies to all orders received FRIDAY- MONDAY!  

Click here to purchase or look for The Shpielmans in your local toy store.To purchase from Amazon click here.


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