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The Trees and You: Three relationship tips in honor of Tu B’Shvat

The Trees and You: Three Relationship Tips in Honor of Tu B’Shvat

With Tu B’Shvat around the corner, you’re probably getting into fruit mode sooner or later, planning a menu that’s centered on the bounty we reap from the trees. But Tu B’Shvat offers way more than...

Week 6: The Shabbos Home. Weekly Halacha Continues

Join us as we continue learn Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen’s The Shabbos Home, published by Artscroll/Mesorah Publications. You can view last weeks lesson by clicking here. 
a life of bitachon by rabbi dwek

How Bitachon Changes Your Life…Even If Everything Looks the Same from the Outside

Outside, the world seems scary. But inside, we feel completely secure. A peak of Artscroll’s newest release, A Life of Bitachon, by Rabbi Yitzhak Dwek A Note from Victoria Dwek for Between Carpools readers: I really...

Mommy is Davening, but What Are the Kids Doing?

 Keep your kids busy (and well fed) all day so you can concentrate on the tefilah   The men and teens may be out of the house all day, but as a mom of little kids,...

 What to Watch on Tisha B’av

You’re home with the kids, but you’re still thirsty for inspiration. Make the day meaningful with these inspiring videos, shiurim, and stories you can watch now.   For Children (and You) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUic7IE64Mg&feature=youtu.be Tisha B’Av Tales featuring Rabbi...

When Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis a”h Changed My Life

Small, but powerful...Rebbetzin Jungreis brought the light of Judaism to thousands, including myself. By Laura Labovitz. I turned on a recorded shiur (lecture) by Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis a"h while cooking for Shabbos this week. Just as...
What's best for me by Sarah Masry. Teaching Emunah to Children.

Three Easy Ways to Teach Emunah to Your Children

The path to instilling emunah is simply leading by example By Sarah Massry, MSED For years, Mrs. Temmi Karmel gave emunah shiurim in my neighbor’s apartment in Yerushalayim. When her youngest baby was six months old,...
Creating a Habit: Here’s the Trick to Making It Happen. Chodesh Elul is the perfect time to pick something and stick to it. All month.

Creating a Habit: Here’s the Trick to Making It Happen.

Chodesh Elul is the perfect time to pick something and stick to it. All month.   Every spring, I get a clear reminder of how hard it is to create a new habit. I suffer...

How I Learned to Be Grateful for 100 Things Every Day

When you learn to be grateful, you also learn to be happy. By Carol Ungar   The fitness cognoscenti famously claim that an early morning brisk walk gets the day off to a great start. But,...
Are Your Veggies Are Really Kosher?

Are Your Veggies Really Kosher?

Do you know the right way to check your produce for insects? And even if you do, do you know what you’re looking for? These resources can help.   A few years ago, I remember thinking...
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