Don’t be confused or stay in the dark. Check the list and know what’s kosher and not kosher at Starbucks.


I know that there’s been a lot of confusion lately about the status of Starbucks drinks. I’ve written a lot about this in the past (you can find a roundup of all articles and relevant info on this post). The main takeaway is that one must be so careful when they venture in. One needs to know quite a few details about the preparation of their drink and the related halachos to be able to walk out with something kosher.

And while I’m not familiar with what was included in a “expanded kosher program” (I believe it was mostly cold blended drinks that had a hechsher on the ingredients for a brief time period), I think that the publicity surrounding the cessation of it is gam zu l’tovah, as it opened the eyes of many people who were still ordering a variety of drinks, many of which have problems for different reasons and were not part of “the program.”

Here’s the updated CRC Starbucks Beverage list. Download now (and save in iBooks!)


Note that most things that you order at Starbucks are not kosher, due to trief keilim being used. Read the footnotes so you know exactly what is ok or not ok, or what changes must be done from the usual preparation.



  1. The Star-K, as well, recently publicized an informative updated chart regarding Starbucks coffee. They have entirely eliminated the “kiosk” designation as an identifying factor as to what is permissible and what not. You can find the chart ( and related article) on the Star-K site.


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