Plus! The Perfect Beach Day Packing List

By Miriam Fried


1) Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair

It is so much easier to enjoy hours at the beach with a good beach chair. This one reclines and folds and, has different pockets/pouches for valuable and best of all – can be worn on the back to keep your hands free to carry the other 100 items you may bring to the beach.

2) Tommy Bahama All Terrain Beach Cart 

When we go to the beach, we do it right. Our goal is for kids and adults alike to be happy, entertained, and comfortable to spend at least a few hours there. Carrying all of the equipment (and oftentimes a kid or 2) can be very difficult and can sometimes make you feel like the whole thing is not worthwhile. This beach cart makes it a breeze. Every single items fits inside and the wheels really work on the sand. It is hands-down our best beach purchase we made. We leave everything in the list below in our trunk for the season (besides for the food items of course).

What to Bring to the Beach
– 2 beach chairs

2 boogie boards
– Lifejacket for the little ones
– Sunscreen
– Sand toys
– Water bottles (see #3 below)
– Healthier snacks (fruit, apple sauce pouches, pretzels). The kids will eat anything when they are starving at the beach.
– BABY POWDER – buy the off brand since you’ll be using lots. Baby powder is THE magic end of beach trip tool. It gets ALL the sand off (and I mean all). Once in the parking lot and near your car, apply baby powder liberally to feet, legs, arms (basically everywhere) and wipe off with DRY towel (I keep a dry hand towel in the car specifically for this). 95% of sand will come off effortlessly. Do NOT try to get sand off with water (unless the beach is equipped with a beach shower). Small amounts of water will just get the sand to stick to your body.

3) Contigo Water Bottles
This water bottle really is spill proof. It also has a protective spout cover that keeps out dirt, sand, and germs. The actual spout never comes in contact with dirty hands. We use these all the time: on trips, at camp, and even around the house.


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Miriam Fried is a mother of 2 (soon to be 3) adorable kids. She recently had the privilege to become a self-employed SAHM and is grateful to have more time to do the things she loves, especially creating great memories with my family, whether at home or out of the house.


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