Whether you need a Menorah tray, or want to give the perfect gift for the person who has everything, ClearPrints has the gifts that everyone wants.


First, they brought you the lucite bentchers (best gift ever!), now ClearPrints, the originators and leaders in acrylic art bring you just what you need for Chanukah. Here’s what’s new!

The Menorah Stand (14-inches in diameter), available in silver or gold metallic, is also food-safe and can be used for serving your Chanukah treats or donuts. It’s easy to wash off oil and wax simply with soap and water.

So pretty!

You loved the lucite simanim cards for Rosh Hashanah, now you can display this Chanukah Candlelighting Card next to your menorah. It’s available in 3 different styles. The dreidel-shaped Candlelighting Card can be customized with a monogram letter and it’s available in navy or marble.

The rectangle-style Chanukah Candlelighting card is sleek and easy-to-read. Both the dreidels and the card have available stands.


The Chanukah Lighting Block is freestanding and a beautiful addition to your menorah table.


What else are we going to nab with this Cyber Monday deal? One of our favorites from ClearPrints includes the lucite Al Hamichya (perfect for the dinette area, and the perfect Chanukat Habayis gift), the glow-in-the-dark Shema Card (so cool!), and of course, those bentchers (if you don’t want to gift them, get them for yourself).


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