There are unique health concerns that affect Jewish women. Now, finally! This Sunday, at The Jewish Women’s Health Symposium Jewish women of all stripes will be able to take ONE DAY to educate themselves about many subjects that affect their health in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realm.

It’s a day that’s all about empowering you with knowledge and tools to be your best on all levels!!

The Women’s Health Symposium that’s taking place this Sunday, July 8th at The Atrium in Monsey was a dream for busy midwives Leah Marinelli and Yetty Engel.


“When you work as a midwife, you develop close relationships with your clients, things that go beyond catching the baby or the actual pregnancy. Over the years, both Leah and I have gotten familiar with the unique health concerns that Jewish women face. A lot of issues uniquely affect Jewish women, who have larger families. While there is a wealth of information easily available out there, there is a need to disseminate it and customize it for our families.”

If you live in the Monsey area, and even if you don’t, this Sunday is a must-go event where attendees will have access to an unparalleled lineup of experts in the field of women’s health. “Our goal was to put together a roster of speakers, all licensed in NY, in all fields. Women usually have difficulties making time for themselves and visit these types of providers which leaves them lacking that information. This Sunday is the opportunity to come together and being treated to a wealth of information” Yetty tells me.


Of course, not every topic or speaker relates to every woman. Attendees can come and go as they please, listening to the speakers addressing topics relevant to them, or enjoy a wholesome lunch from Diet Fantasy, shop at the vendor booths, and even mingle with presenters to ask personal questions.


Here’s some highlights.


*Did you ever suffer from a thyroid issue? Hypoactive thyroids commonly affect Jewish women and the condition is even more common during pregnancy. Top endocrinologist Dr. Deborah Raice will bring you in-the-know on how to protect your thyroid.


*She’s expecting her next child, while holding her toddler on her hip. She puts them both into a double stroller and then pushes it along. There’s essential awareness and education about proper body mechanism that we all need and we’re all lacking. Physical therapist Tova Lehman will share the secrets of posture and exercise that can help us feel stronger and healthier.

*There’s so much confusing information out there about diets. We don’t even know what’s healthy or not healthy anymore. Nutrition counselor Rorie Weisberg will show us how to listen to our hormones, avoid extremes, nourish our bodies, and find the right balance.

*Take care of your emotional health. Licensed social worker Rivky Jungreis offers eye-opening information about the common emotional health issues that affect our women…from eating disorders, postpartum depression, OCD situations, to anxiety.


There are lots of more topics that we’re going to explore on Sunday that relate to you! See the complete schedule of speakers and topics below.


“Women are trying to do their best. They’re put together, their houses are clean, their families are fed…but there’s an awareness that’s lacking about their health and emotional reality. We wanted to help them feel stronger and better and BE healthier. We hope that women will take the time to stop for a minute…arrange someone to watch the children for the day…and take this day to educate themselves about issues pertaining to their health and well-being. They will return home refreshed and invigorated to resume their holy work”

This event is l’ilu nishmat Sarah Yaelle Kopciel.


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About Leah Marinelli and Yetty Engel, who have been in the field of women’s health for a combined 55 years (30 as midwives)!:

Yetty was inspired to become a midwife after the birth of her first grandchild. She took an intensive doula course and worked as a community doula for eight years, before going back to school to become a licensed midwife. That was 10 years ago. Today, Yetty runs a busy midwifery practice that focuses on home births for low risk, healthy mothers.

Leah’s midwifery journey began with the birth of her own children. She knew this was her calling. She went back to school, became an RN first, then a nurse midwife, and she’s now in the process of earning her doctorate in nursing. “I want to raise the profession. Midwives are the bridge between women and the world of medicine. We study in institutions of higher learning. We’re the ones who can teach women about women’s health, using traditional medicine along with complimentary approaches. We are here to educate.”



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