Could fritlach get easier? Not easier than this. Try this 5 minute version.


Fritlach are thin, fried strips of dough and while they’re certainly easier to make than doughnuts, we wanted an even easier version. Perhaps our grandmothers wouldn’t be happy with our nontraditional method, but gone are the days of painstakingly rolling out dough as thin as possible.

make your own fritlach this chanukah. It's easy.
That’s because these fritlach are made out of…wraps! Simply slice wraps into strips or triangles. Deep fry (it takes less than a minute). Then drizzle with a blizzard of confectioners’ sugar. Very tasty.





  1. These are the Fritlach for When You Literally Have Five Minutes. Literally
    My family originate from Germany and for Purim we had HAMANS OEREN . In french its called OREILLETTES and in swiss german Fasnachtsküchli. We used to roll them very thin till you could see through the dough, cut them into triangles or something resembling an ear and it was always served at Seudat Purim dusted with icing sugar. These Fritlach resemble these delicacies. Many thanks for a great website


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