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Q: My favorite part of the day is…

Leah: Breakfast, right after the kids all leave to school, when I make myself a grilled cheese sandwich. Usually in a wrap or a pita.

Shaindy: 1 a.m. and on. I love the night, the quiet, the clear mind it brings along with it. Somehow I feel most creative at night when everything’s quiet and there are no interruptions.

Esti: Snuggling in the morning with my 5-year-old newborn. Our day cannot start without a proper snuggle no matter how late we’re running.

Getting to know us. The Between Carpools team. Victoria Dwek

Renee: Breakfast time. My first cup of coffee and the entire day ahead of me, filled with plans and possibilities…(on a side note, I always plan wayyy too much and get frustrated that I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted. But that’s for a different time)

Victoria: The moment I know that all my kids have made the bus. It’s funny but it doesn’t matter what else I have to accomplish during the day. I find that getting kids up and ready for school is one of my days greatest feats. Then, I make my coffee and enjoy the hot liquid going down my throat. I love that. Getting them to bed (and then enjoying a just-as-hot tea) is just as big of a feat except I don’t have as good a track record with that. See my post about bedtime.


Q: My least favorite chore is…

Renee: Drying dishes and putting them away.

Getting to know us. The Between Carpools team. Esti Waldman.Esti: Changing linens

Victoria: Peeling hard-boiled eggs (it’s a bit easier after this post but I still don’t enjoy it).

Shaindy: Folding laundry. 

Getting to know us. The Between Carpools team. Victoria Dwek

Leah: I really don’t like cleaning up the toys. As a kid, my mother always sent me to clean the playroom after Shabbos. We used to count the amount of knives and forks in the play kitchen set and look for any missing ones. On Monday, my mother would order any missing pieces so the toys would always be complete and organized. Now that I’m an adult, I avoid the toys. It’s time for the next generation to do it. My sister, on the other hand, still loves organizing the toys, so no need to worry, you don’t always hate what you were sent to do as a kid.


Q: I start cooking for Shabbos on:

Getting to know us. The Between Carpools team. Victoria Dwek

Victoria: Friday morning at 8 a.m. During football and baseball seasons I’m done before noon (because I morph into a soccer mom after school). If I don’t have a lot to cook (due to a stocked freezer), I’ll drag out my coffee drinking and start a little later. But my menu is definitely set and the ingredients are in my house earlier in the week.

Renee: On Thursday night, when I am feeling super organized. But mostly, I cook on Friday mornings.

Getting to know us. The Between Carpools team. Victoria Dwek

Shaindy:  Friday mornings. I do a 2 hour cooking marathon and you don’t want to see the mess I leave behind, but it works out well in the end. 

Leah: I don’t cook at night, so I make a couple of things on Thursday during the day and finish the rest Friday morning. By 11 a.m. Friday morning everything is done. I’ll leave out a tray of vegetables to roast but nothing else gets chopped or cooked.

Esti: Usually Friday morning. I work on Thursdays but rarely work at all on Friday.


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