Whether you’re grilling on the go, or need a portable solution from year to year, I have a grill for you.


Since this is the first summer I’m spending away from Deal, and my big wieldy Weber grill is safely on my patio back at home, my family deliberated about which type of grill to purchase to use this summer.

I knew what I wanted. Something portable that I could easily bring back home and use summer to summer. I also wanted something that I could bring on vacations.

Do you remember when I told you about my family’s barbecues at Hope Lake Lodge? Sure, they were magical with the sizzle of the grill in the foreground and the mountains as a backdrop, and the lake in front of us. Getting those charcoal grills we’d pick up at Wal-Mart was much less magical (the assembly, the toiveling…and getting those charcoals lit! Then dumping the charcoals…ugh!).

It took the effort of lots of men (and all their ideas on how best to light charcoals) until those rocks were smoldering. On one windy night, they wouldn’t light at all. That night, we ate s’mores by the fire pit while my “Plan B” (a dairy dinner I had made ahead and frozen) defrosted in the oven.

The men in the family were super skeptical when I brought the adorable Coleman Road Trip Grill home. Sure, women like things that are cute. Men like things that are big and powerful.

“That little grill is going to feed all of us?”

I had done my research and I was confident.

When it was time for our family BBQ, all the men gathered around the grill. They screwed in the propane tank (super easy) and lit it up.

“Wow! This little thing has lots of power! This thing is amazing! This is the perfect thing for vacation too!”

(I told you so.)

Now, whenever it’s time to grill, the men all gather around. Each one wants to be the one to turn on the fire. (Then they start to dance…what is it about the grill that gets them so excited?) And this cute little grill fits lots of food and feeds all of us in no time.


I love that it was easy to clean this grill too. The grates and the drip trays underneath easily remove and fit in the sink for washing.

If you have a small patio, or like to travel and make barbecues with your family, whether it’s away from home or simply in local parks, or you rent a different summer home/bungalow from year to year and need something that’s easy to put away, this is your new summer grill solution.


Kashrus Note: We asked the CRC, who discusses the kashrus of cast iron pots here, a she’elah as to whether the grates of this grill need to be kashered as they are made of cast iron, but coated with a porcelain enamel. The answer we received was no, they do not need to be kashered. As always, feel free to ask your own rav.


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