Short on bathroom storage? How to utilize that quirky under the sink space.


What do you do when you have one big mess under bathroom cabinets. Ideally, your bathroom should have lots of drawers, a cabinet behind the mirror, and lots of great storage space. In real life though, most bathrooms have a big under the cabinet that turns into a big mess if you don’t plan it right.


This is a before.

how to organize under the bathroom sinkYes, most befores show you a big mess. No need for that, we assume you’ve all seen how messy things can get.

Here is an after.

how to organize under the bathroom sinkThere isn’t much room to play around with this because of the plumbing but using the space that we have, we managed to put 2 stackable drawers. You can use these drawers (about the size of a long shoebox) to store little items that you can group together.

On the right side is a clear lazy susan you can store day to day items you need. Divided by compartments you can store lense products, your daily soaps and moisturizers.


Feeling inspired to get that mess under control?


Here is some more inspiration:

how to organize under the bathroom sinkCredit: Everyday Organizing

Have deep cabinet? you can fit a cabinet rack on the door for more storage.

Have more space?

Use different sizes of stackable drawers to fit all your stuff.


how to organize under the bathroom sinkCredit: Polished Habitat

Here a 16 quart is stacked on top of a 27 quart drawer for wider spaces.


Products used:

Lazy Susan

Stackable Drawers


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  1. I assume that many, if not most, of your readers have young children in their homes. Under the bathroom and kitchen sinks (and any other lower cabinets) are the worst places to keep medicines and lotions and mouthwash and nail polish remover and any household cleaners. It is a huge hazard for children who cannot be supervised every second of the day. Curious minds love the colorful bottles etc and we all do not want any bad medical situations Chas V’shalom. Instead of saying no to children time and time again when they open those cabinets to investigate, simply put all of the dangerous products on a high shelf, whether in your linen closet or in an upper kitchen cabinet. Things like paper towels, toilet paper and tissue boxes, empty containers, cotton balls, bath toys, etc can be kept in lower bathroom cabinets. In the kitchen, pots and covers, baking pans, canned goods and plastic containers can be kept in bottom cabinets. Keep the glass bottles and sharp utensils and cleaning products up and out of the way of crawling babies and young kids. A cabinet lock is an option but its security depends on all of the adults remembering to lock them at all times. Even if you don’t have small children anymore, you probably have grandchildren and other kids visiting and your house should be kept as safe as possible.


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