I know, you’ve already seen 18 Must Haves from H&M – but this time it’s all about the kids!

Here are some of our favorite pieces — just in case you don’t have time to scroll through all 700 of their offerings. You know us, here at Between Carpools. We’re helpful like that.


A PRETTY KNIT SET for when baby needs to go out.

6 PACK BIBGS  – Because you can never have enough.

BABY ONESIES for basic layering

Nothing like a basic STRIPED PANTS + TEE

A SOFT FURY SLIPPER to keep those little toes snuggly

A perfect POM HAT for cold wintry days.

MINI RAINBOOTS … think about those muddy puddles.

DENIM JOGGERS, because, how cute?

A DOTTED RUG to add some flair to your babies room.


A VELOUR HOODIE that they will probably wear every single day

A Pretty SWEATSHIRT DRESS with a rope belt
RAINBOW PJ’s for those little girl sleepover parties

A 7 PACK COTTON BRIEF SET in a cute little travel case.

LEATHER CHELSIE BOOTS that can literally go with anything
These suede ones are not too bad either.

A UNICORN COSTUME – that is basically magical. (Think Purim)

A FAUX FUR JACKET  that is both pretty and practical

A pretty green FLOUNCE TOP featuring a cute ruffle detail

A perfect fit BATHING SUIT to make you feel like its summer.

(also, because these run out of stock fast, it’s a great item to buy in advance for summer.)

 (while your at it, go for this cute little cat tutu as well )

KID’S LINEN SETS that feel and look more expensive than they are.


Comfy COTTON TANKS for everyday layering

The best priced TWILL PANTS  that you won’t cry over when he comes home with ripped knees.

A PADDED PARKA that is pretty and actually provides some warmth.

FUN & QUALITY BATH TOWELS that will turn bath time into a breeze

THE BOY’S SWEATER for those days you have somewhere to go

AN ASTRONAUT + MARIO BROS  hey, this is turning fun

10 PACK OF SOCKS because where oh where is that other sock?
(add to cart x4 – trust me on this one. )

A FINE KNIT SWEATER for that second outing with your guy

A SWEATSHIRT with appliques


A JERSEY DOUBLE LAYERED SHIRT for a casual style look

A GROWTH CHART that is fun and functional

SWEATPANTS + 2 PK BASIC T’s make the best PJ’s for him

BOXER SHORTS – his favorite

SUMMER POLOS – because you won’t find them in stock when you need them


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