between carpools basicsEveryone has their own method. But what works the best for easy peeling and perfect egg salad?


So, yeah, even a child can do it. But what’s the perfect method?


Victoria brings her eggs to a boil, turns off the heat, and then lets them sit for 15 minutes.


Renee says boil for 11 minutes and then transfer to an ice bath.


Leah boils them until she remembers that they might be burning.


Shaindy boils them for 10 minutes and then immediately transfers to the sink where they are put under a stream of cold water for 5 minutes.


When I notice my eggs are boiling, I set the timer for 9 minutes. Could be they were boiling for 5 minutes before that, but…


After this debate broke out among us here at Between Carpools and it spilled over onto our Instagram feed, we decided a scientific experiment was in order.


Lots of eggs per boiled, rinsed and peeled. And this was the result:


How to Boil an Egg. (Because, yes, there’s lots of different ways to do it!) Everyone has their own method. But what works the best for easy peeling and perfect egg salad?

The most perfect yolks were achieved by either boiling for 11 minutes or resting for 20.  And the cold rinse/ice bath is definitely the key to easy peeling. Peel and grate your eggs right after you cook them and your Shabbos morning will be simpler.



  1. for a “simpler” shabbos morning you can even store the cooked eggs in a plastic container , adding to it some water ( 3/4 plastic cup ). I saw it by my mother ( Renee’s mother 2 ; ) and it works !! it keeps the eggs moist and it’s a pleasure to peel them …

  2. If you add slot in to the boiling water your eggs will be cocked faster and will not brake and will be easy to peel.

  3. According to bon appetit: bring water to a boil then add eggs and cook exactly 10 min and immediately put under cold water. Perfection every time.

  4. Shaking the pot after rinsing to crack the shell and then letting them sit in cold water always works. The trick is to get moisture under the thin membrane which will make the peel slip right off

  5. Instant Pot! Add 1 cup cold water to pot. Place eggs on trivet. Cook for 5 minutes under high pressure. 5 minutes auto release and then manually release remaining pressure. Place in bowl of cold or ice water. Perfectly cooked! Peel literally slid off in one piece.


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