A few simple tricks to creating a beautiful ambiance in your Sukkah.

By Chaya Bromberg

Credit: Pinterst

Love the rustic ambiance of greenery focal point, but don’t know how it’s even possible to get this on your schach?


Here’s how I do it. Start by running a piece of chicken wire as a base along one side of your sukkah. That’s the trick! It can just be along one wall to create this focal point of greenery.


Once the chicken wire is suspended along the side, you can get to work. Start by hanging your pendant or string lighting. This Vintage Pendant Lighting in one option (includes 3 bulbs). For more lighting, I love the look of this  49 Foot String of Indoor/Outdoor String Lighting  that includes 15 pieces (and 3 extra bulbs). It’s a great deal!


Pop in some hanging glass ball terrariums.


Next, you can have fun adding the greenery and flowers. Wind a big string of artificial ivy leaf around and around at different lengths. You can also add in some artificial wisteria (this was a super popular item in BCP’s sukkah decor post from last year!).


Good luck!

About Chaya:

Chaya Bromberg is an event planner who specializes in custom work, creative events, and booths for shows. See her work and reach her through Instagram at @creativetablespaces.


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