Tzedakah is the secret to unlocking the gates of shamayim.


One day this summer, one of our children came home with a pushka they had made in Arts n’ Crafts in camp.

“Mom, did you know it’s important to give tzedakah when you light candles?” she said.

“Oh yes, I’ve been meaning to sign up for Project Ignite!”

Even children know that a mother’s tefilah at candle lighting is so important, and that tzedakah at candle lighting has the power to make it all the more so powerful. Now, right before Rosh Hashanah, we don’t want to delay further!


Our Shabbos table is today’s representation of the Beit Hamikdash. The table is the aron, the two (or 12) loaves of breads is in place of the shulchan, and our candle lighting is in place of Aharon HaKohen Gadol lighting of the menorah.


Since Aharon represented peace, our candles have the same power…light and peace enters the house. This year, allow those prayers at candle lighting time to have new meaning and power.

And now it’s so convenient to take advantage. You don’t need to be running around the house searching for a few dollars or coins before candle lighting. Instead, Project Ignite charges your card for your desired amount a few minutes before candle lighting time in your city. Sign up once and you’re set every week.


Your weekly contribution helps hundreds of poor families in Yerushalayim make Shabbos and helps them likewise usher in Shabbos with peace and happiness.


It’s easy to sign up!

Ready to sign up? Click here to get started!




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