Did you meet The Shpielmans? Now, color with The Shpielmans!

Did someone in your family open up a Shpielman’s family pack last night? If they did, you already know how fun it is to spend time and play with The Shpielman family. There’s so many family members and all the little details are completely adorable. Our own kids already spent hours playing with the Playmobil-style characters and are loving them!

And if your kids have already met The Shpielmans, they’ll love coloring these pages. Download below and print!

If you haven’t yet gotten acquainted (scroll down for a BONUS OFFER!), The Shpielmans are a family of special figures and accessories made of superior quality and design. The Shpielmans are Playmobil compatible and will provide endless fun, imaginative play, and interactive skill-building. The Shpielmans Family Pack comes with 11 family members–adults, children and adorable baby twins. Plus! Included in the Shpielmans Family Pack collection is 15 real-life Shabbos accessories!


Click here to download the Shpielman Chanukah Coloring Pages.

Buy them here.


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