Yes, they make mornings easier…that’s if the laundry got done

Seventeen years. That’s how long I will be seeing the same outfit every single school day of the year.

I only have two girls but they are 8 years apart in age. That means they only share one year of wearing the same uniform. (Our elementary school has the same uniform from Primary aka Kindergarten aka Pre-1-a through 8th grade.) This upcoming school year the closets in my home will include both the littlest uniform size they make and a size to fit a newly minted teenager. My girls rarely ever had a chance to wear matching clothes because of their age difference, but this year they will get to match every school day.

img_3324ePrimary is a big milestone. Big school bus. Big building. Learning to read. But it’s the uniform that seals the deal. My baby is going from short little sundresses and sandals into a button down shirt, pleated skirt, and knee socks. There’s no denying it anymore; the girl is growing up.

I love choosing little outfits every day. It’s so much fun when everything looks cute. Little clothes can be cheap, fun, and easily found. It’s the big outfits that are not so fun. Bigger girls’ clothing is never cheap, less fun, and definitely not easily found. Skipping the drama every day makes me love that teenager-sized uniform. But passing up all the cute little clothes in the closet and reaching for the same outfit every day makes me hate that itty bitty uniform.

And then there’s the constant pressure to make sure there are clean uniforms for the next day. My little one can make it through two sets of laundry-less Nine Days without worrying about running out of clothes. My big one had no problem finding clothes to wear during one set before running low. Not so with uniforms. I’ve settled on four uniforms per child being the amount that works for us, but there’s still always that niggling doubt that can lead to a 1 a.m. load of laundry. By the end of the school year, I’m counting down in uniform days. Once we hit four more uniform days and they’re all in the closet, I feel the burden lift. Until I hear, “I have nothing to wear!” Then I kind of miss the uniform.

But like in all long-term relationships, we look for compromise. We try to make it work. So there are shoes. And hair accessories! And that brings us to the headband collection. But that’s for a different time.

p.s. don’t send them off without Rabbanit Yemima Mizrahi’s tips


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