You don’t have to use it all up now!


You know those small pretty bottles of wine that are always found in the loot after Purim? The ones that would just be a tease on the shabbos table? Don’t drink them!!

wine bottles for cooking

Clean those bottles and put them away for Pesach. But don’t drink them on Pesach, either. These small bottles are the perfect size for cooking, especially with the more limited ingredients available to many families on Pesach. Add some red to a roast, poach some fish in white – and don’t worry about wasting a full size bottle.


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Esti Waldman
Esti is the camera behind the beautiful editorial pages of popular magazines and today’s most successful commercial ad campaigns for food and fashion brands. She’s also a popular family photographer and is a super creative mom with a knack for pulling together adorable outfits and amazing parties. Follow her on Instagram @estiphotography



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