Keep your kids busy (and well fed) all day so you can concentrate on the tefilah


The men and teens may be out of the house all day, but as a mom of little kids, you have a double task when Yom Kippur comes. Your kids will need you and want you, but you also want to spend quality time with your siddur, making the day as meaningful as possible. Here’s our roundup of tips to help you keep those kids happy so you can have ample quiet time to daven.

Keep Them from Saying, “I’m Bored”

DIY Train Tracks. Best Boy's Tape Car Tracks. Stuck Indoors? The Best Boys’ Activity for a Rainy Day

A roll of painter’s tape may be your solution. Let them set up the course you see here on Friday (when they’re home anyday) and play on Saturday:

Stuck Indoors? The Best Boy’s Activity for a Rainy Day

A new game can also buy you some time. Just make sure it’s completely age appropriate so that they can play on their own and don’t need your help. We have some game recommendations in these posts (note that not all recommended games are appropriate for Shabbos/Yom Kippur):

What are some good board games to play with kids? Here are the classics.The Games I Play with My Kids

Current Board Games to Play Right Now

Keep Them Read

Nothing entertains a child for a longer stretch of time than a good book! Head out to your local store to get stocked up.  We’ve got lots of kid’s book recommendations in these posts.

Keep Them Fed

It’s best if you can put up a meal on a Crock-Pot ahead of time so the kids have something to eat during the day.

Looking for the Ultimate Pesach Cholent? We don’t have barley. We don’t have beans. But we still have Shabbos comfort. By Naomi NachmanYou can try our pareve cholent (though it’s fine to add some meat if you like):

Thursday’s Not the Same Without Cholent? Please Even Meat Eaters with this Hearty Pareve Cholent

Or perhaps something from our Crock-Pot roundup:

26 Crock-Pot Dishes

It’s also helpful to simply have some wholesome snacks around. If you don’t want to spend time prepping meals, but you still want the kids to have access to nutritious things that will fill them up, here’s a great list of ideas:

29 Easy Filling Nutritious Snack Ideas for Chol Hamoed


And now for mom. Ensure a peaceful day by brushing up on your “getting kids to listen to you” skills ahead of time with these tips:  

It’s the Million Dollar Question: How Do We Get Kids to Listen to Us?


Gmar Chasimah Tovah!



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