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The Nine Days are a little harder and it’s not only because some of us don’t do laundry or eat meat. It’s because it’s a change from routine, and you need to put a little more effort thinking what to feed those that don’t like dairy, what do you do with kids if you can’t take them swimming. All week, we’ll be posting new recipes, plus activities for kids so you can fill in that gap. But here’s a head start so you can begin the menu and activity planning…

Want to see all of BCP’s fav dairy recipes with one click?

Dairy Recipes

Extra Boxes of Pasta in Your Pantry? Make Debbie's Creamy Baked Ziti. This version of ziti couldn’t be easier...and you likely have all the ingredients at home.

Pareve dishes can also be creative and satisfying. Here’s our roundup of those:

Pareve Recipes

On this big list of dinner ideas, you’re bound to find just the thing:

Dinner Ideas

99 Kosher Dinner Ideas - Dairy. I know. You cook every day. And yet, you still can’t think of a single thing to cook tonight. MeatScroll down on the list of “99 Dinner Ideas” to view the dairy and parve options. It includes meal ideas such as:

  1. Mushroom Barley Soup + Mini Pizzas
  2. Mushroom Calzones + Greek Salad
  3. Eggplant Parmigiana + Onion Soup + Garlic Knots
  4. Pizza + French Fries + Feta Cheese Salad
  5. Sushi + Cauliflower Pizza
  6. Pancakes + Eggs + Yogurts
  7. Avocado Panini or Tuna Melts

And of course, you’ll need activities to fill those endless summer afternoons, here’s our roundup:

Craft Ideas

Animal Bust Decor. This Purim Mask Project Just Might Be Your Shushan Purim Solution. Don't throw out your mask! Here's a project your kids can make to decorate their room.


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