Going away for Shavuos? Want to bring something special for your hostess? These are our perfect Shavuos gifts.


She shopped, she cooked, and she made your favorite dairy treats. While you’ll both have the pleasure of each other’s company, you want to show your mom/mom-in-law/sister-in-law/someone else that you really appreciate their effort. These gifts work whether you’re going over for just one meal or the whole Yom Tov, as you can give them on a small or larger scale.  


Flowers That Don’t Die

We’re sure there will be lots of fresh florals around, but how about an arrangement they can never dies like these from @fauxeverflorals Silk florals look so beautiful and read nowadays, and they’ll be remembering your gift every single day as it brightens their home. Flowers are the best decor and permanent flowers are even better!

To order, contact 732.994.7000



Personalized Napkins

Here’s why personalized napkins from @thenapkinshoppe are special. They show that you thought ahead to order something just for your host. They add the perfect touch to a party, whether your host uses them while entertaining on Shavuos, or saves them for the next event…and everyone love having a pretty table…and we bet no one else would have thought of this.

To order, contact 718.887.5027



Mini Cheesecakes

Big cheesecakes are beautiful, but you never have to cut into minis like these from @cheeseminis. They look adorable on a platter…but then you can bring them out again and they look just as adorable later too (so no one will know you served them before). Plus…people tend to feel less guilty when eating mini things. Ever hear anyone say “just a sliver” when you serve minis? Nope! They take one and enjoy it!

To order, contact  732.364.3284/718.644.5909


Summer on Your Table

How about floral inspired table accessories that will continue to brighten the room, long after Shavuos is over? Hostesses love new placemats to change things up, and these tropical leaf placemats from @tassels_homedecor_gifts are perfect for Shavuos and beyond. They come in napkin rings too. If you’re host is not the outdoorsy type, no prob. There’s lots of elegant items to choose from.

To order, visit  www.tasselshomedecor.com, call 917.204.7115, or view more @tassels_homedecor_gifts.



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