Enjoy less clean-up and more convenience with these clever disposables…some of which you didn’t even know existed!


Ah, summer! The time when we try to relax and make life a little easier. And for some that means…relying on disposables. Plastic plates, cups, and anything that helps you spend less time indoors in the kitchen and more time outside.

A while back, we featured a post about using plastic bag to remove fat from chicken soup. And some readers complained that it was a waste. Yes sometimes, it’s a waste, but other times it’s a necessity. Traveling, hectic life, hygienic reasons, moving…there are countless reasons why you may turn to using plastics.

Here are some cool disposables that could help beyond the kitchen. Use once or twice and toss.



Painting activity? Buy disposable paint brushes and throw them away. These are great for kids or use these art if you’re more serious about painting! Painting your house? Cover up with some coveralls (fyi, these make a great beekeepers costume for Purim).



Ponchos—great to include in a hostess package or keep in your home if you are making a Shabbos simcha and there’s rain in the forecast.


Boot and Shoe Covers—Perhaps you don’t like people wearing shoes in the house after muddy weather, or you’re in the middle of construction. There’s no judgment if you ask the contractor to cover his boots as he makes his way through your home to the area where he’s working.


Talking about boots, if you are the ultimate hostess and like to have everything in your home for guests, you may want to check out these disposable boot covers for when snow storms hit during the wintertime.


Most of us use disposable diapers. But what about bibs (great for traveling) and diaper sacks?


Individual toothbrush and toothpaste combo—brilliant for traveling, right*?  Or you can buy individually wrapped toothbrushes for the ultimate guest bathroom.


Cameras are  a fun throwback gift. And even more fun to gift to your children are these underwater disposable cameras! Who knew that the cool gadgets we had while growing up are even cooler today? Yes, Walmart still develops these film cameras!


Piping bags—If you’re not into decorating, you might not have thought to keep them on hand, but they have more uses. Use them to store your dips when you want to serve individual portions, add muffin batter to muffin cups neatly, or to fill your stuffed shells or manicotti with less mess.

Eye droppers  and Lip and Eye Makeup Brushes—Food stylists and makeup artists use these all the time. Does the regular person have a use for thess? I can’t think of one. Perhaps a house of teenage girls that share lip glosses? Do you have a better use for these? Let me know in the comments below.



We mentioned these counter liners in our favorites post here and toilet wands in a cleaning post here.


*We take no responsibility for toothpaste hechser. Ask your LOR or Read this post from the CRC.




  1. I once had pink eye and used these one time applicators for mascara with my new tube of mascara to make sure I did not infect it…


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