There’s no dust allowed in these wine glasses.


Do you remember when, when putting away our Shavuos vases, we covered them in plastic wrap to prevent dust from accumulating inside (and saving us from lots of cleaning work).

You can use the same trick on the goblets and stemware you take out for only special occasions, like Yom Tov.

Opening a Bottle of Wine for Yom Tov? Ensure Your Have Clean Stemware, Every Time. There’s no dust allowed in these wine glasses.Simply wrap in a small piece of plastic wrap when ready to store (after Yom Tov). Or if your goblets are currently sitting in the cabinet, clean and wrap them up now so they’re ready to go!


No more goblets to rinse just when you were ready to pour that wine!


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Renee Muller
Stylist Renee Muller is a trailblazer in the food and lifestyle styling industry. Her magnum opus, the “Our Table” cookbook, debuted on September, 2016. With her own European upbringing, she’s still getting accustomed to raising American-born kids (and the concept of takeout). You can follow her on Instagram @reneemullerstyling or view her work on her website



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