Because it’s lots of fun to make sure every girls’ outfit has a matching bow. It’s not as much fun to buy boys socks. But they all must be done anyway.


One outfit down, and less than six week to go until Pesach.


I better get moving.

It was much easier when it was just the boys. During those days, pre-Pesach shopping was probably just one stop at Crew Cuts, where I’d buy a couple pairs of fresh navy pants and shirts for each of them and be on my way.

Nowadays, getting my kids equipped for the new season takes a bit of organization. As a working mom, I can’t take multiple days off before Pesach to shop. I usually start chipping away at my list now…after all, it doesn’t cost more to get it out of the way earlier (in fact, it probably costs less when shopping is an organized process vs. a mad dash).

It’s time for another spreadsheet.

Ready to Start Shopping for Pesach Clothing? Keep Track of What You Have and What You Need with This Chart. Because it’s lots of fun to make sure every girls’ outfit has a matching bow. It’s not as much fun to buy boys socks. But they all must be done anyway.


Now, before you get all wary and think that I actually fill in every little blank on my list (links below)…nah. That would totally be overwhelming. Before I start shopping, I’ll fill this in with the items that I already have from previous seasons that fit fine and are in good condition.

I’m not just shopping for Yom Tov. It’s also the time I refresh for the entire year (some people do this at back-to-school  time). Right now, two of my boys have only one…maybe two…pairs of school pants left that don’t have holes in the knees. Time to take inventory and refill. I get summer clothing crossed off the list now too. Because of the completely odd way that stores work, it’s much easier to find bathing suits NOW than in July when they actually need them (and of course, in January, it’s easier to find flip flops than snow boots).

As for the girls? Well, that’s more complicated.  It’s the girls that drove me to keep track of clothing on spreadsheets.


And now I’m sharing my Pesach/Summer Clothing spreadsheet to help you stay organized too!


There’s 3 Ways to Access It:

A) You can download the .xlsx file by clicking here. 

B) Access the public Google spreadsheet by clicking here. If you do use the Google spreadsheet, make sure to “File>Make a Copy” and use the copy. After all, you don’t want everyone knowing what dress you have your eye on at one certain store, or it may be gone before you checkout.

C) Prefer the pen and paper lists? Download the PDFs. Click here for girls and here for boys.

I included space for three boys and three girls, though feel free to delete or add lines on your own personal spreadsheet.


Any categories you’d like to see? Need help using the list? Comment below!



  1. I love this idea! My kids are mostly dressed in hand-me-downs, so for me “shopping” consists of shopping my bins full of clothing – but this idea still works to keep track of what I have and what I need to buy. BTW, your pdf for boys clothes work, but all the other links are broken/lead to the wrong sheet.

  2. Hi Victoria!
    The google doc link is just a document that has the text of this article, the spreadsheet is not actually there. Would love to use the spreadsheet though, can the links be updated?



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