What I’d Do Different If I Was Designing My Kitchen Again.

I love my  kitchen and I’m thrilled with the design, layout, and am in no way dreaming about that future “dream kosher kitchen” (an outdoor kitchen, maybe). I’m not asking for a large kitchen island, countertop seating, or anything that I’d need to break down walls to accomplish. But there are a few simple and not relatively expensive things I’d do differently if I were starting all over today.

There’d be an appliance garage behind my counter.

Remodeling your kosher kitchen?One friend told me that her kitchen designer said appliance garages are passe. I don’t care. I hate counter clutter and don’t own a toaster oven for that reason (I know they make built-in toasters today too). I pull out my heavy Kitchen Aid and Food Processor often enough that I’d love to be able to simply lift up a door and slide them out. I’d love to tuck my coffee machine (the only item allowed on my counter) away too for easy daily access. As far as those pop-up shelves on islands? I don’t find them so functional.


I’d install banquette seating…and no glass dinette table!

What I’d Do Different If I Was Designing My Kitchen Again

I don’t sit at my kitchen table to drink my morning coffee (hello, couch!). Sitting at a glass table in a dinette chair is not very cozy. I want cushions and pillow, a cozy corner, and a more welcoming table surface. Banquette seating is also very practical when there’s lots of little diners and only so many chairs (little kids don’t take up much couch space, but they do take up a whole chair). Plus, you can design yours to have bonus storage underneath the bench.


Two dishwashers…must, must, must!

Thankfully, I already took care of this one a couple of years ago, removing a set of drawers to make room for the second dishwasher. Don’t worry about losing the storage space. You don’t use most of the stuff in your drawers on a regular basis anyway. There simply needs to be a place where both meat and dairy dishes can be put away to be washed. No dish pile-ups, thank you!

Even better…I know someone who has three! She has two meat dishwashers; the second meat dishwasher is in the butler’s pantry. It’s super useful on Shabbos, when there’s loads of dishes used. With the push of one button after Shabbos, cleanup is done (that’s better than hiding the extra platters in the oven until they can fit into that second dishwasher load)!


Built-in espresso machine.

So maybe this one is a little aspirational. I still think it would be fun.




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