Three ways to never pay retail on brand name formula

When I had my daughter last year, I was a little annoyed when I learned that local price clubs were no longer carrying the Similac Isomil variety I give my babies. I wasn’t about to pay full price (nor was I comfortable switching to a generic brand)! Formula is one item where you won’t find the deals online. This is where I find them instead.

How to Save on Baby FormulaSign up for Similac Strong Moms. You’ll receive a pretty generous supply of coupons, like $5 checks off almost every container of formula you buy. You’ll receive a $15 coupon with every 6 $5 coupon checks you use. I almost never bought a container of formula without one of those coupons. Enfamil, the other leading brand, offers similar incentives.

Look out for promotions at Baby’s R’ Us and Target. If price clubs do carry your chosen brand or variety of formula, BJ’s will take your manufacturer’s coupons. Costco does not take the coupons. If price clubs do not carry your formula, you can still find good deals at Baby’s R’ Us and Target. They often offer cool incentives like “Buy 3 containers get a $15 gift card” or “Spend $100 on formula, get a $25 gift card,” which, of course, you can apply towards more formula next time.  The promotions vary week by week. Combine coupons with these promotions and you’re golden.

Bring home samples. Manufacturers want you to get hooked on their brand, so they usually stock hospitals and doctors offices with free samples of formula. It never hurts to ask for extra samples, both when you leave the hospital, and when you bring your baby to the doctor’s office for a visit. My samples kept me well-stocked for at least the first few weeks to a month.

Do you have any other money-saving formula tips?


  1. My dr explained that the dif between store brands is that the brand names spend a lot of money on research so they will be ahead with whatever new research suggests. The quality of the formula is the same. However when it comes to baby formula I think I’d rather buy the “top” of the market. I agree with Victoria that between dr samples (my obgyn office gave me 3 cans!) coupons and sales, you don’t save that much on store brands. Also I don’t like being stuck to one store, babies can be fussy and with enfamil or similac you know you can find it in any chain store or online.


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