Need to send something to your mother-in-law? Or business clients? Sweitzer has just the thing. The very sweet thing.


Anyone who loves to entertain always appreciates something they can add to the table, whether it’s something sweet or something pretty. Sweitzer sweet gifts are contemporary, delicious, and very appreciated.

sweitzer candy gifts for hanukkahFirst, the basics. Sweitzer is known for their chic cubes of candy. Pick what you like, and cube it up. If you’re looking for something sweet and simple, take a look at their signature boxes in small, medium, and large.


They’re also known for their chocolate. As in Chocolate. Praline. Log.


But some Sweitzer gifts play a double role of sweets + centerpiece. This Black Square Vase with a half dozen Sweitzer chocolates is also moderately priced at $28.


Some are really beautiful and special for Chanukah. Like this Chocolate + Brass Driedel platter.


The most “wow” gift in the Sweitzer Chanukah collection this season is this floral Menorah + chocolate. It’ll definitely be the centerpiece on the table for the whole Chanukah and beyond.


Want to send chocolate, and only chocolate, and lots of it? Go with the gourmet chocolate platter, tied with a bow.


Finally, a cookie and a thankful note will go along way is helping show your appreciation for those we’d like to thank this season. Small gestures go a long way!


See the whole Sweitzer collection at


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