Do you think you might be interested in doing chesed while giving back to the community? Host an RCCS Party.  

An Interview with  RCCS Hostesses Chana, Rivky, and Ruchy

First of all, what is an RCCS party and why did you host them?

Rivky:  An RCCS party in your home is an opportunity to invite all your neighbors and friends for an enjoyable night out together while doing a great Chesed in the process. Alternatively, you can host an RCCS e-party, where you get together with your friends and family over the internet.

The party highlights the difficulties experienced by the Cholim in our backyards, and shows everyone that we can get involved and do something about it besides just feeling bad.

Why does RCCS make these parties?

Ruchy: These parties open people’s minds, and give an awareness that RCCS is here to help. After virtually all the parties, the organizers get calls to find out how to get help for patients they know of. I know of one family who was suffering and didn’t know where to go for help and after one of the parties, she was finally put in touch with RCCS!

How many people came to the house parties?

Chana: We had a nice group of around 40 neighbors and friends that took the time out of their schedules to attend and give Chizuk to the Cholim and to the people of RCCS that care for the Cholim in such a remarkable way.

How did you find the time to arrange such a wonderful party?

Ruchy: It’s really not a big deal. We made a few phone calls to order a few things and maybe an hour of setting up, and it’s ready to roll! RCCS provided us with a very powerful and emotional presentation to show our guests. There wasn’t a dry eye after we saw it. It really explained the pain and the anguish of cancer, and showed us what a real difference RCCS makes and that each and every supporter of RCCS can literally make a life and death difference!

What inspires people to come?

Ruchy:  RCCS is an inspiring organization. I believe they exude inspiration due to their overwhelming Siyata D’shmaya and altruistic way of helping people.  People want to help and people are driven to give. The more people that are informed and educated about RCCS, the more Cholim can be helped. We must do our part for our brothers and sisters in pain!

How do you connect with RCCS? How do you arrange the party? Plan it? Invite people? It seems so overwhelming!

Chana: Someone affiliated with RCCS lives in my neighborhood. She asked me to host it, and I said yes. I didn’t think about it, I just said yes. That’s how RCCS works; they don’t say no to anyone, so I emulated them! We sent around fliers the day before and the day of the party to get the word got out. We also texted and emailed some people with the details of the party.

What’s special about an RCCS house party?

Rivky: What I find special about hosting a small RCCS event is that it’s spending time with your neighbors and people you know well in a different kind of setting and a different kind of mood. Everyone needs Chizuk, no matter what they have or don’t have, and knowing that you are all here together for a great purpose and a tremendous mitzvah, creates another layer to your relationship, it adds depth and meaning.

Ruchy: Ladies enjoy the evening out, enjoy the good food and good company; but also to internalize the message of what RCCS is and what they mean to the success of RCCS. People come back year after year. Some even come to 2-3 parties each year – they can’t get enough of the inspiration they get at these events.

Why should others join this great cause?

Ruchy:  Being on the giving end is what we pray for. If we have the opportunities to do so, don’t let it slip away. It’s really that simple.

Anything else inspiring you’d like to share?

Chana: I personally spoke to a patient that was helped by RCCS, who B”H is now in remission, and she told me that while she was ill, whenever she saw an RCCS event taking place, be it a large dinner or a small neighborhood party, it gave her tremendous hope and Chizuk to keep fighting. You never know if a small party you host, or attend, will actually be the catalyst to save someone’s life or at least make their healing go quicker!

Rivky:  A Mother-in-law of a patient said at a recent party, “Everybody asks what they can do to help? Of course, you can write a check and say Tehilim, and that is a tremendous help” Then she added: “We wanted to make a Seudas Hoda’ah, but our Rov said to wait a few years. While we wait those years, the many RCCS parties that hostesses arrange are our Seudos Hoda’ah!”

How do people participate and get involved in the upcoming auction?

Chana:  That’s easy! Either call 1-877-332-2808 or log on to The entire exciting booklet, with all the unique prizes, can be viewed on the site.

Thank you for your time, ladies, and keep up the great work!


  1. So nice that c.c.p.givesthought and space to spread such activitis.may Hashem grant us that we will not have to hear Of more suffering.

  2. You can add that hosting doesn’t have to take a big budget. In our neighbourhood all props, food, tablecloths, flowers…..were donated and divided between a group of 20-30 women. It was a really nice and fun experience and everyone was happy to be involved.


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