I’ve gathered lots of baby tips over the years, and it’s time to pass them along.

By Ella Rosenberg

Birth order is an amazing thing. I consider myself blessed to be the youngest. Growing up around my supportive married siblings, my matured, softened parents, the adoration of nieces and nephews…it’s molded me to be…well, me.

Every youngest has many moms. The advice is endless, unsolicited, and most of the time, under appreciated. But I hereby, publicly (hiding behind my penname of course) give thanks to all my Mama Bears. The greatest sisters-in-law, a one in a million aunt, and to the best sisters on Earth.

I’m writing this article to symbolically accept the torch and be the big sisters you were to me. Only I’m being the big sister to your daughters and you’re about to become GRANDMAS.

The darling little girl who turned me into an aunt is about to make me great aunt, and so begins the barrage of advice.

I take no credit for the tips, it’s a mere passing down of info to the next generation. I categorized these tips into 4 neat lists, so you can find the info you need, whether you’re packing that hospital bag, or whether you’re little package is already snuggling in his/her bassinet.

  1. Tried-and-True Reading Material
  2. My Hospital Packing List
  3. My Favorite Baby Products (soaps, toys, books, and more)
  4. Stock the Baby’s Drawers


Tried-and-True Reading Material

  • The Wonder Weeks is a movement more than a most brilliant baby book. The authors take us into the world of your baby, showing you their perception leap by leap. Once you have an understanding of what is going on in their little head you can help them through the cranky and clingy and crying phases and into the wonderful world of discovering. I can’t adequately encourage you to get on board – safe to say I’m obsessed! If you don’t enjoy reading please get the app, it’s almost as good. The app explains the week’s fussy signs as well as the magical leap forward and what we as parents can do to help. A diary section allows you to log your baby’s development and record his or her budding personality.  
  • Twelve Hours Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old by Suzy Giordano. I did read this book cover to cover before I had my baby a year ago.  I loved the whole concept but did not put it into practice. I’m including it here though because so many women I know swear by it. I truly believe knowledge is power so I’m glad I read it. Attention Moms who did put this book to practice, please please leave your comments for all to know how it went.
  • Boy Oh Boy by Beily Paluch – if you’re gebentched with a son (or 3!!!) this read is worth your time as soon as your baby is born (or prior if you know the gender). Every part of the simcha is understood from the chickpeas on Friday night to the garlic at the Pidyon. Once you’re going through the motions why not understand each detail, including the honors doled out at the Bris. It’s a “mother’s guide to the wonderful world of boys from Bris to Bar Mitzva.” Thank you to Rebbetzin Dina Fink for this most thoughtful baby gift.


In My Hospital Bag (Do not wear any jewelry to the hospital)

    • Siddur (be sure it also has Shabbos prayers) and Tehillim
  • Insurance card and ID
  • Phone charger (for hubby as well)
  • Snood and a change of clothing (zip-ups or wraps are the coziest and most practical)
  • Shower slippers are a must. A towel from home is something I’ve never schlepped but regretted it.
  • Makeup
  • Something to read (in case it’s Shabbos and you have no phones or visitors – speaking from experience)
  • I take 2-3 bottles of water along – it’s just something I can’t live without.
  • Cosmetic bag – The hospital does provide nursing pads, Tylenol, sanitary products, Colace, and Balniol but I find it annoying to have to ask for it and then wait. Taking my own things from home makes me feel more civilized. I like the Lansinoh cream and their nursing pads. From the travel aisle at CVS I pick up a dental hygiene kit, soap, shampoo, deodorant, hand cream, and painkillers. Your glasses, lens case, and solution can also go in here.



My Favorite Baby Products


Stock the Baby’s Drawers

Here are some items that might be helpful, depending on your preferences or your baby’s specific needs.

All right all you Mommies and Bobby’s, what did I forget?


About Ella:

Ella is a mom of three boys. With lots of nieces who are newly married and having their first babies, as her sisters’ become grandmothers, she is looking forward to sharing the advice she enjoyed over the years.


  1. Honestyle, the two things I think you must bring to the hospital are a nursing bra and a pillow. The nursing bra makes it so much easier for those nursing. I started using the most amazing ones by Anita. They may be a bit pricey but are so worth it.

  2. I agree about the pillow!! Did it by my last birth and was actually able to sleep…
    I got the boy oh boy book as a gift, it is a must read for a mother of boys!

  3. 12 hours by 12 weeks is the best!!! It really works!!! And don’t have to listen to your baby cry and cry. It’s simple to read and understand! A nursing pillow was so helpful in the hospital, I would add that to the list.

  4. The yo-yo is a great umbrella stroller, however it’s a bit pricey. There’s another (less well known) option called the mountain buggy nano. Folds the same way the yo-yo does but only 50% of the price tag!

  5. personally i wasnt a fan of the 12hr by 12 week because i found it impractical for nursing babies. However i used a modified version of the sleep whisper and moms on call- i dont follow it 100% i put my baby to bed at 9 and do a gradual drop of night feeds. i brought some nosh with me to the hospital as well- i found it was somthing to help pass the time while i was in labor and i needed the sugar.


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