The month of Kislev is an auspicious time for miracles. You can make a miracle happen for you.

We heard this segulah from both Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi and Rabbi Alon Anava, and we thought it was so special that we had to share. It’s not the typical segulah that calls for an action that we might not understand the significance of…rather this one can’t help but make us a better person:

The great mekubal Rabbi Chaim Palagi says that any person, who for the complete month of Kislev, does not complain about anything, will see a huge miracle in his life.

That means so complaining that you don’t have enough money! Or complaining about your spouse, or your lack of a spouse. This month, only give pure praise to Hashem and thank Him for everything that you do have. And even if something happens that doesn’t seem so lovely from the outside, still…hold the complaints and just say thanks.

If you don’t complain about anything this month, beginning from today, Rosh Chodesh, when we say Hallel, you will see great miracles in your life.

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For help in sticking to your commitment on abstaining from complaining, try downloading and using our habit tracker. 


  1. I love this article!! I really want to do this… thank you for sharing!
    P.s. There’s a typo in the third paragraph it says “that means so complaining…. “ instead of no complaining.
    No complaints though, I’m sure most people understood on their own… 😉


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