All apps come with a promise. There was that app that promised to organize my life, until it kept crashing every time I tried to check something off my to do list. Just like me, I guess.

There are many such apps – a barebones user interface hacked together and sold with a promising tag. But then there’s the Swipestakes app. It’s the kind of app that you hear about, with an exciting promise, so you download it and take a look and say, “hey – they’re for real.” It’s the app that really does special things for you, at your fingertips, in a fun and modern platform that we know you’ll love.

So… what is Swipestakes, and what’s the promise? Swipestakes is an all new Jewish shopping + entertainment platform. It brings you exclusive shopping passes at your favorite stores, and entertaining content from your favorite authors. Let’s say, for example, you have two errands to run. You’ve got to get few outfits for your kids before the holiday, and then you need to take the baby to the doctor’s for a checkup. You’re standing at the cash register, dresses, vests, and pants in hand. She rings up the bill, and then you quickly scroll through the Swipestakes app, locate the ad for that store, and flash it. 10% off your purchase price is automatically applied. You just saved $25.00 – and all you did was swipe through the app! Now, you’re sitting in the waiting room, bored. You wish there was a magazine around, but there are only some medical journals. You pull out your phone, scroll through the Swipestakes app, and indulge in stories from your favorite authors. Later that evening, you go out for dinner (since you’re all done Pesach cleaning). You whip out your phone, flash the restaurant’s ad, and enjoy a free appetizer with your meal.

Now that’s the Swipestakes promise. And when you get the app, you’ll see they mean it. It’s a beautiful platform, modern and sleek, and wow does it deliver. There are exclusive passes at maternity shops, hosiery stores, women’s fashion, children’s boutiques, home good stores, restaurants and more. That means exclusive savings and free gifts, just for flashing this incredible free app. There’s fantastic entertainment, by the names you know – no need to pay costly newsstand prices to indulge in a good read.

And then, if the app itself wasn’t enough of a treat, there are the prizes. Every week, there’s another prize raffled off to all Swipestakes users. All you need to do to enter the Swipestakes is swipe through the app. It’s like a Chinese Auction, except that it’s every week and it’s free. This past Thursday, one lucky user from Lakewood won a $150.00 gift certificate to the clothing store of her choice. This week, there’s a large gift certificate to a children’s boutique up for the taking.


If you need another incentive, there’s a grand launch raffle that you automatically enter just for downloading. The prize is a $1,000 shopping spree – now who wouldn’t want that?! But, like we said: the real prize is the Swipestakes app itself. They really mean their promise: swipe happy. Download today – it’s free on the App Store and Google Play.


This ad is sponsored by Swipestakes. 



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