Have you downloaded and swiped through the Swipestakes app yet? Here’s what some happy users have to say.


Shortly before Pesach, Between Carpools was proud to introduce you to the incredible Swipestakes app. Now we follow up with some feedback from our users. Here’s why thousands of Swipestakes users are so happy:

“Swipestakes has all the stores I like to shop at – from women’s clothing stores to sock stores. I’m shopping anyway, I’m making these purchases anyway (anyone else relate to shelling out over $150.00 at the sock store before Yom Tov?!)–I may as well save 10% here, there, and everywhere just for having this free app!”

“Honestly, I’m not such a smartphone savvy person. But this app is easy. It’s a great interface, very clean and attractive. It’s simple to scroll through and browse all my local stores. And when I want to use the app at checkout, I can just whip it out and display. Even women at my age and stage can use it easily!”

“You guys are just the greatest. I saved a fortune this Yom Tov with this app! Thanks a million!”

“Who would say no to a free appetizer at their favorite restaurant?!”

“I’m one of those people who loves prizes. So Swipestakes is like a weekly www.ourhealthissues.com/product/keflex/ Chinese auction that’s free to enter. Just for swiping through the app, I’m automatically part of the drawing. And the prizes are great. I hope to win soon!”

“I turn to Swipestakes when I’m bored, and just want something light and entertaining to read on my phone. The content is great, easy to read–and free, of course. That’s always a plus.”

“I just want to let you know that I’m really enjoying your new app! It’s brilliant! I’ve been saving in very store that has your sign! Thank you! I hope I win one of the amazing prizes! Keep up the great work!”

“You know how your mother used to clip coupons and hold on to them? So – hold on to this app. Because it has all the basics. It’s the type of thing you keep in your purse.”

Swipestakes is the all new Jewish shopping + entertainment app. Swipestakes offers exclusive savings at your local stores, a load of quality literature and entertainment, and weekly raffles for fantastic prizes. Plus, just for downloading, you automatically enter a grand launch raffle to win a $1,000 shopping spree. Download for FREE on the App Store and Google Play.


To read the swipestakes original feature click here. 


  1. Hello,

    It’s an unfortunate Apple thing. Any app that has raffles, prizes, or giveaways is automatically categorized by Apple as ‘gambling’, which is rated 17+. Since there are fantastic prizes raffled off weekly, we fell into that bucket. Be confident that all of our content conforms to the highest standards of modesty.


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