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Which book is currently on your night table?


Renee:  The Beck Diet Solution (Chanukah just ended. So yeah. Life) and Sweet by Ottolenghi. So I can dream of cake while I diet.

Leah:  I currently have Artscroll’s Marriage Secrets. I got the book to read it and see if there are any chapters we can post on the site. From reading it, it seems to have a similar theme to The Empowered Wife, but based on Torah values with Jewish themes running through it. It talks about respecting your husband, communicating for results, filling your appreciation bucket, moving past resentment; basically all the things we really know but need to read/hear again and again. Now I just need to figure out what part of the book can make sense as a blog post.


Shaindy: The Beck Diet Solution – I guess it’s a BCP thing.


Victoria: Emunah with Love, and Chicken Soup by Sara Yocheved Rigler. It’s the biography of Henny Machlis. I finished it last Shabbat but I haven’t replaced it with something new yet so it’s still my latest (I love biographies so always welcome recommendations). A lot of times biographies seem unreachable but Henny was so real and so relatable even while being a giant.


Esti: Fablehaven book 2 because I’m vetting it for my 10 year old. But I keep falling asleep! I also have this gorgeous cookbook that I keep hoping will inspire me to cook more vegetables.

What was the last song you downloaded?


Renee: L’funov and Tniyele by Shulem Lemmer


Leah: I don’t listen to music. I know for people that are always listening to music, they find it strange, but it simply never dawned on me to put on music. Unless the baby is crying in the car during carpool. Then it’s whatever camp CD the kids put in.


Shaindy: A song called “Little Idea.” It’s a soundtrack to be used for a small video project I’m working on.  ( I’m not very into music.)


Victoria: Um…I’m not the most current with music. The last thing I downloaded was probably more Journeys albums. Or maybe it was “Mishenichnas” because I thought we should have Purim songs on in the car while delivering mishloach manot (yes, last March).


Esti: HASC: The Remastered Collector’s Edition.

That was a Chanukah present for my son.


Did you get any Chanukah presents? If yes, would you like to share what it was?


Renee: I got a homemade card that said “I love Mommy because she takes me to the bus stop with the car everyday. Happy Chanukah!“ Apparently, that made an impact.


Leah: What is that 😝?


Shaindy: My kids surprised me with this handy desktop phone charger – no more dead phone excuses.

  (I actually enjoyed having my phone dead for parts of the day though 🙈 )


Victoria: No. It’s only about the kids here. I don’t need presents. If I really want something I’ll buy it for myself.


Esti: I got a Roomba. What can I say? I’ve been struggling with unreliable cleaning help lately.



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