Did you like our riddles last week? Now it gets even better as our Kidilingo serial begins!

We’re very excited for this collaboration between Kidilingo and Between Carpools. Now you can read a Kidilingo serial, which a new chapter right here every week! Download and print it for your kids and they’ll be captivated and eager to read. To get it rolling, you get TWO chapters this week!

Scroll all the way down for the answers to last week’s riddles.

Download The First part of the Serial

Download the Second part of the Serial

This week’s Kidalingo is chock-full of drama! Between prisons, conversations with police officers, and a couple of daring escapes, there’s more than enough excitement to go around.
–          A visit to little Singapore surprises us with the severe punishments for the smallest crimes. Jaywalking is criminal?!
–          Life in prison is by no means a picnic.  An Off the Record view at frum Yidden in prison highlights both the difficulties and their tremendous mesirus nefesh.
–          What do policemen think about kids’ questions and curiosity? Check out the interview to find out more.
–          Wild animals take to the streets as Flash10 brings the wildlife into our midst.

Kidilingo is a fun Jewish weekly magazine for kids that educated, fascinates, and gives your child knowledge and tools to learn and know. For more fun with this comes from, including fascinating interviews, information, and serial stories, pick up a copy on newsstands at your local grocery each week. Your kids will thank you!

Answers to Last Week’s Riddles:

Riddle-n-Reason-answers.pdf (70 downloads)


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