That’s anything that is pretty and delicious from The Nuttery


Need to send something extra special to show your appreciation? The Nuttery’s mishloach manos include their legendary nuts and chocolates, wrapped up in the most elegant of packages. And, there’s a selection at every price point.  

These boxes of Nuttery treats are simply perfect. They include The Nuttery’s most popular treats, are well-priced, and are all packaged up neatly in a chic box that’s easy to give and fun to receive. Choose the Classic Favorites which includes nut crunch bark and toffee peanuts, or the Chocolate Favorites, with chocolate lentils and coconut bark.


Simple Pleasures is another well-priced mishloach manos, including pareve Praline chocolate and pineapple cordials, all neatly lined up on a wooden board along with a mini Smirnoff.


Wow! This one is named Classic Elegance and rightly so. The exquisite twig tray is a centerpiece dish that’ll be adored forever. Included is a custom heavenly creamy hazelnut praline rose design log for the chocolate lovers, a Tequila liquor, and more treats in acrylic balls.


This Double Delight Gift Tray includes another gift that’ll be a cherished keeper. This elegant leaf design hammered stainless steel duo bowl is filled with delicious dairy truffles and The Nuttery’s exclusive re-roasted and sweetened macadamia, complete with a bottle of Disaronno.


If your recipient enjoys the delicacy of halva (and if they don’t, they will soon), this Halva Board is perfect. The Nuttery’s halva log is coated in rich chocolate and topped with a crunchy brittle, and it’s paired with special techina paste and fine chocolate liquor. They can serve the halva log right on the included handsome wooden board.


Fit for Royalty is a mega arrangement of The Nuttery’s most beloved treats, on a large silver hammered 17 x 17-inch centerpiece tray that’ll forever look beautiful on your recipient’s table. Included is The Nuttery’s special chocolate roses, chocolate coconut bark, Jordon almonds, jelly beans, heavenly sweet macadamia, and a classic dry Alfasi wine.


Need to send the best to a someone special? The Tower Supreme includes a wide mix of freshly roasted nuts, specialty chocolates, chocolate bark, peanut butter pops, and a chocolate praline log, displayed on a double-leveled wooden tray and paired with Binyamina Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

Click here to see the Nuttery’s complete Purim Collection.


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