Fashions come and go, but the basics stay the same.

Over the years, I’ve found that some basics are just better than others. So here you have the list of my best basics for kids:

  1. best basics for kids Boys’ undershirts from The Children’s Place are heavier weight than most. Narrow, long fit. Tagless and super soft.


  1. Boys’ sport socks. Gap Quarter Socks Thick and cushioned. Available in white and dark colors. Just the right height that they can be worn with shorts or long pants.


  1. Little girls’ undershirts. Marks and Spencer camisole-style undershirts. Straps are narrow enough not show through any necklines. Soft comfortable fit. Narrower cut than most American brands.


  1. Little girls’ panties. Old Navy Super soft cotton with nicely cut leg holes. No itchy tags or seams. Usually available with just a small picture on the front for a simple, classic look. These run quite large—the 2t/3t fits more like a 4t.


  1. Infant onesies. Just One You by Carters For Target My youngest was born a few days before Pesach. On Chol Hamoed, when no local stores were open, we needed some more onesies. My mother picked up a pack of these at Target and they were instantly my favorite. Thin, but soft, cotton that didn’t feel bulky under an outfit. They have a neat and narrow fit—especially for a tiny newborn. I ended up buying a package in each size as she grew. All those expensive onesies were consigned to the donation pile.
  2. Graphic T’s for girls. Osh Kosh B’gosh Long sleeves. Nice neckline. Wholesome graphics. Winner all around.

*Bonus: Boys’ swimsuits from The Children’s Place. Two words: Functional drawstring.

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Esti Waldman
Esti is the camera behind the beautiful editorial pages of popular magazines and today’s most successful commercial ad campaigns for food and fashion brands. She’s also a popular family photographer and is a super creative mom with a knack for pulling together adorable outfits and amazing parties. Follow her on Instagram @estiphotography



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