Do any of these sound familiar? If you’re on a diet and you’re hungry, they very well might.

By Somebody Hungry

…You put your son into his car seat only after longingly staring at all the half-eaten pretzels and flutes. It’s ok if it crossed your mind to eat one even though you and I both know that said pretzels or flutes are in your car since last Thursday.

….Two hours after lunch you find a piece of spinach between your teeth and your first thought is “Yay, more food.” Then you happily swallow it.


….You spend 20 minutes at the store picking a bunch of bananas. It’s not easy finding the largest ones.

…..Your toddler steals (read eats)  one of your protein pancakes that you measured and baked and you decide it’s perfectly ok to have a total meltdown.

….You cannot find your measuring spoon and then there it is, inside the bag of shredded cheese. Because measuring shredded cheese is sad but it’s what a girl’s gotta do. Or so said the nutritionist.

….You cradle a chocolate bar, smell it and tell your kids you love them too once you spot their horrified looks (but not nearly as much as chocolate).

… You describe a sandwich you ate 3 months ago with so much detail that it makes you sooo hungry. (Who are we kidding? You are hungry anyway.)

….Your kids leftovers are appetizing. Also cat food advertisements. Both equally enticing.

….You avoid walking in front of a bakery on a Thursday morning at all costs.

….You look at your kids picking at their freshly fried chicken cutlets and wonder if you are at all related.

…You get kind of sad at 6 p.m. when you realize you finished all the food allowed that day and your day is far from over.
Anyone feels the same way? Please tell me you do. I’m feeling kinda lonely in this hungry journey of mine. And, if you have anything more to add, let me know. I’d love to hear your funny take on dieting.


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  1. Cracking up!!!! My sentiments exactly! Since I started my diet, when I finish my daily food, I shower and get into bed! So what if it’s 6 o’clock and all the kids are still partying around the house!! ???

  2. wow. eye opening! This is exactly how i felt through all those years of dieting! I started doing full n free- rorie… the new hype of mindful eating with tuning into hunger levels- and i can honestly say, that reading through this list, felt like memories! How I used to feel! It is the new hype, but it works!!


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