The grammar mistakes that make me cringe (and how to correct them)

Grammar pet peeves…where to begin? Let’s start by defining what a grammar pet peeve is not. It’s not a cute fluffy animal that’s fun to cuddle; rather, it’s more like some type of pesky vermin that ruins your day or makes your blood pressure rise. Regrettably, there are quite a number of the little rascals.

One of the top contenders for the most annoying peeve is the common misuse of the words its and it’s. To clarify the confusion, you should know that its, although it doesn’t have an apostrophe, is the possessive case of the word it. I think that’s what causes the confusion; people are used to seeing an apostrophe to indicate possession, as in Between order topamax Carpool’s great blog.

The grammar mistakes that make me cringe (and how to correct them) Grammar Pet PeevesHowever, it’s, with an apostrophe, is the contraction for it is and does not indicate the possessive case.

Here are examples of the two usages:

The clock should have its battery changed.

It’s time to change the clock battery.

Isn’t that simple? So why are there so many places where they are used incorrectly? It’s enough to make a grammar lover scream!

Phew! I’ll try to calm down enough to share another pet peeve next time.

About Felice Eisner:

A grammar lover from youth, Felice Eisner spends her days doting on her family and grinding her teeth over egregious writing errors. Aside from editing and proofreading, she enjoys reading fiction and crocheting.


  1. One of my greatest pet peeves is when people write could/should/ would of for could’ve/should’ve/ would’ve! It is so simple and yet the mistake is so common!


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