It feels great to start filling out a fresh, new planner. Now, get your Shaatra Club planners for women, students, and kids in time for the new year.


If you replace planners for the start of every Jewish new year or school year, then now’s the time to order your Shaatra Club planner for 2018-19.

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And there’s some new exciting products from Shaatra Club this year. Our favorite is the My Day Junior planner for kids! The My Day Junior offers a fun way for children to learn how to be organized and plan their days (before real life hits!).


One mom, whose 8-year-old has been using the planner, said that her daughter is now able to approach her day more calmly and loves to fill it out and plan. She rewards herself by completing the activity page when she’s finished filling out the planner. This mom has seen improvement in her daughter’s stress level because she knows what to expect.


The Student Boss is a must have for middle and high school kids as they start a new school year. It’ll ship in the summer so order now to have in time for the start of school. A new add-on for the Student Boss this year is the the Study Buddy,, which helps organize how you study, prepare, and review for tests.

And, of course, for mom, there’s both the original My Day and the slimmer Shaatra 52 for those who like to plan by the week.



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