Your dream marriage isn’t about changing your spouse. There’s a much easier way to make it perfect.


By Chaya Juravel

Sary’s imaginary husband was very warm and affectionate. He always greeted her with a huge smile and kind words. He bought her the perfect gifts and was so thoughtful.

Esther’s imaginary husband always knew just the way to comfort her when she was down. He would say “ I’m so sorry you are feeling this way, what can I do to make you feel better…?”

Leah’s imaginary husband always offered to clean the kitchen after supper and never left a mess. He replaced light bulbs and fixed broken parts as soon as she asked him or even before she asked him.

Devorah’s imaginary husband was so punctual and always accompanied her to events arriving perfectly on time. He took great care in his appearance too.

Atarah’s imaginary husband has that perfect balance of a gentle loving father and an authoritative figure.

We all have fantasies about what the men we married should be like. Your imaginary husband may be a combination of your father, brother, and uncle. Being married to a fantasy is both comfortable and safe, and very painful and lonely at the same time. Many women suffer from so much disappointment because their real flesh and bones husband is failing miserably in comparison to their imaginary husband. That’s when he may stop trying, withdraw, or become explosive.

When you divorce that imaginary man, you make room for the imperfect husband that Hashem gave you, who is perfect for you and your tachlis in this world. He is perfect for your growth and self-improvement, perfect for achieving true happiness by working to cultivate a beautiful bond in the face of challenges.

What you will find in the place of your fantasy is the imperfect human being that was chosen for you before you were born. Today’s society often tells us what our husband should be giving to you, or how his past and limitations are obstacles in your path to happiness. The Go4Harmony Teleconference you teach you a new way to think, the Torah true way. With the support of other women that are on this journey together with you, you will learn how your thoughts affect your feelings which in turn affects your actions, which in turn affects the way he responds to you. You will be empowered to become your best self while inspiring your husband’s best. When you let go of who you thought you should have married and let Hashem in your life, you will I”H experience true harmony within yourself and in your home.

When he doesn’t have the words to comfort you when you’re sad, you will learn to thank him for sitting close to you and then you will go call a friend.

When he feeds your children sugary treats before lunch you will let him know that your children will cherish the memories and then you will offer a silent prayer for healthy and strong children.

When he comes home from work hungry and tired you will let him know that you missed him (and then he will give you the attention you crave).

When you get lost in the car, you will super glue your lips shut and daven.

When you are depleted and he wants to go learn you will hire help to get you through the day.

You will get to know yourself in a very intimate way, what makes you happy, what your limitations are, what makes you tick, and that the way you treat yourself will teach him how to treat you.

Your confidence in yourself will make him confident in your love.

You will learn to focus on what you do have, all the blessings in your life, and not what you lack.

What you saw before as apathy and laziness, you will now see as calm, thoughtful and deliberate.

What you saw before as messy and disorganized, you will now see as flexible and easy going.

What you saw before as out of touch and flighty, you will now see a man who dreams big and follows his dreams.

What you saw before  as uncaring and selfish, you will now see a man scared to disappoint you.

What you saw before as controlling, you will now see a leader with initiative who cares a lot about you.

What you thought was an imperfect man with Siyata Dishmaya, you may now see is perfect for you!


Join me on a journey to being your best and inspiring his best. From my personal experience and those of my clients I have seen miracles, women finally finding happiness in their relationships and lives. With your inherent kochos and the skills and tools you will learn he can become the man of your dreams.


Join the first live class, FREE, on Tuesday, October 17th at 9:30 pm EST:

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About the Go4Harmoney Teleconference:

The Teleconference includes:

8 hours of interactive classes, Q+A sessions, and group text support for the duration of the teleconference (optional).

All participation is anonymous + Private coaching available upon request.

To join and for more information, email:, call/text 216 635-8421

I look forward to having you join us!

Chaya Juravel

Laura Doyle Certified Relationship Coach



Real Words Real Women

“I always wondered what a blissful marriage is. This approach uses practical skills that transformed mine! It is a proven method.”

“I thought I came to fix my husband. Ok, my marriage. I saw my children were being affected. Then it dawned on me—i’ve only really transformed myself.”

“I used to think I can only be happy if my husband would change XYZ…With this approach…I never knew life can be so good!”

“I’m married 10+ years & I resigned myself years ago to an ok marriage… With Chaya’s teleconference & coaching my marriage has come to a place that I’ve never dreamed possible!”

“With a set of specific skills to follow based on divrei Chazal, you will be empowered to become your best self and transform your marriage and all your interpersonal skills in the most positive way.”

“Chaya’s teleconference is for ladies who have gone through it all and are totally disillusioned and believe they can never change their husbands as much as they want to.”

“For years, I would go to rabbi after rabbi, psychologist after psychologist, and say just teach me how to show respect and they wouldn’t have an answer. The teleconference will give you the answers.”

“I used to think I knew what being close to a husband meant, now I see I had no idea… now I really do.”

“Before I was digging with a spoon, now I’m digging with a shovel.”

“As a kallah teacher approaching my 20th wedding anniversary, I thought of my marriage as one with a solid foundation with normal ups and downs. Chaya’s workshop has shown me when there’s good there can be even better. Additionally, the tools have helped me not just to live through and bear with the downs but to navigate them to create a closer connection.”


One of the most amazing features about the teleconference is having the option of joining the Go4Harmony chat/group text completely anonymously. You can join an amazing group of women who are part of the teleconference and learn from their struggles and successes, while basking in the support as you try to implement what you are learning to your relationship.


This post is sponsored by Go4Harmony.

About Chaya Juravel:

Chaya always wanted to have a very satisfying marriage with a strong emotional connection. Her aspirations led her to become a relationship coach and train by Laura Doyle (author of Surrendered Wife and more recently Empowered Wife).  She has been coaching women on how to get what they want in their relationships now for almost 5 years. When she saw what can be achieved in marriage with the right tools, she started a teleconference to make it accessible  to as many women as possible. She have been giving the teleconference since January 2017 and due to popular demand she keeps giving it! Today she’s so grateful to have a full time job as a relationship coach. Through the teleconference she has had the honor to “meet” the most incredible women who want to live life joyfully and experience their relationship fully.




  1. This is amazing! Laura Doyle’s books are fantastic, but not meant for a Jewish wife, so to have Chani juravel put a Torah perspective is a dream come true…

  2. I understand that this is a women’s site. But is there help for men that are married to less than their dream wife?? I know of such situations.

  3. I read them all and think they are fantastic! There’s a lot you can learn and I did… having a Torah perspective on her concept is probably the best of both worlds…

  4. I’m so excited to learn about a class that puts a Torah perspective on Laura’s methods! They are fantastic and empowering and really, really work! “Chachma B’Goyim T’amin!” I try to convince everyone I know to read her books, my favorite being “First, Kill All The Marriage Counselors”! These are tried and true methods that really work. They’re completely doable and realistic. Everyone deserves a magnificent marriage. Ladies, please give yourselves, your husbands, and your families the biggest gift & read her books. You can buy them on your smartphone and read a little bit each time you’re in line at the grocery store or waiting at an appointment. Truly life changing! Thank you for this post!

  5. For those of you who missed the first class of the Go4Harmony Teleconference . You can still listen to it!

    Recording for free class
    Access code: 166246
    Press # for recent recording

    I would love to have you join. It is life changing!


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