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How to clean makeup brushes. Chanie Harstein’s Ingenious Method for Cleaning Makeup Brushes. Using a Lego Board to clean makeup brushes

Chanie Harstein’s Ingenious Method for Cleaning Makeup Brushes

What do Legos and makeup brushes have in common? You can never have too many of either of them! By Chanie Hartstein   But seriously, all you need to do is stop in your playroom and...
Dry Skin Solutions for the Winter. How to cure dry skin on between carpools.com for the frum jewish woman

4 Miracle Skin Solutions for the Drying Effects of Winter

It may look like a winter wonderland outside. But that cold air can have a cruel effect on your skin. The cure? These winter skin remedies. Winter wonderland? More like, winter dryland. The cold winter...
Long Lasting Makeup - this will get you by a 3 day yom tov

How to Make Your Makeup Last for a Three-Day Yom Tov: Part Two

Layering and Even Spray: Beauty Secrets for a Natural, Everlasting Look (PART ONE: CLICK HERE)  Our desire to get our makeup to stay put intensifies around the holidays where we want to look our best but...

How to make your makeup last for a three-day Yom Tov: Part One

Priming: A Well-Hidden Beauty Secret Want to have your makeup last for a three-day Yom Tov? Anyone who knows me well knows about my obsession with makeup.  Most people in my life stumbled across this discovery in the...
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