There’s little food stains that are as stubborn as chewing gum. Here’s how I got my daughter’s neon blue gum off my favorite skirt.

By Sarah Massry

After a recent trip to the pizza store, I gave my daughter a handful of quarters to buy gumballs for all the cousins. One of those neon blue gumballs came back to haunt me… on my favorite skirt.

Yes, I know, the long terms solution would be to skip the gum. But in the meantime, I had to get my skirt clean. I started off by scraping whatever I could, but there was still a large stain left. I was hesitant to wash it or send it to the cleaners, in fear of the stain setting in.

My quick research produced a few solutions:

  1.       Freeze the gum. My friend said that this trick works well, that after freezing the item, the gum would “crack off.” After a long stint in my freezer, my skirt was still stained. It didn’t work.
  2.       Peanut Butter: Another friend recommended peanut butter. Could be that it would have worked like a charm. But I was hesitant to shmear peanut butter on my favorite skirt.
  3.       Next, the original solution: We put a bit of Goo-Gone on a clean sponge and scrubbed the stain rigorously. And it worked! The skirt looks perfect!

*Please note that this anecdotally worked for my skirt. I was hesitant to do a mass experiment in my closet (though I am certain that my children would happily chew the needed gumballs).  Please don’t try this at home until you test on an inconspicuous corner of the garment.


About Sarah Massry:

Sarah Massry is Director of Marketing and the Program Coordinator at Agudath Yisroel PCS. Sarah holds a Master of Science in Education from Daemen College and has a decade of experience in education. She is a regular contributor to several international publications and the author of two books, including “What’s Best for Me.”

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